February 7, 2023

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Australian Open, Sacre-Zhou 1-2: She paid for her mistakes and was eliminated

excludes Australian Open Championship From the third round, N. remained Maria Scary.

And the Greek tennis player lost 7-6 (3), 1-6, 6-4 Lin Chu Chinese Who will play in the fourth round against Victoria Azarenka.

Maria Sakkari finished the match with a 52 unforced errors (6 multiples) While the Chinese had 38. The winners 42-29 for the Greek, who got 7/8 break points.

On the other hand, the Chinese had 5/15 break points but Scarry’s unforced errors gave them qualification. Sakkari has 58% of points won in the first set and 61% off in the second.

He was hurt by the mistakes

With good morning, Zou has reached a double breaking point! At the second chance, the Chinese made it 1-0 with a break. Saquari responded with two break points and a 1-1 tie-breaker.

A new break for the Chinese, 2-1 and held on to serve 3-1. Then he moved to 4-2 and reduced Skari to 4-3. In the Love Service game, Zou made it 5-3 with his cut to 5-4.

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Double break point for Scarry and with the break managed to level the score at 5-5. For the first time, Sakkari built a lead (6-5) in the first set, but the Chinese woman sent him to a tie-break with a game of love service.

There Zou made 3 small breaks and closed the set at 7-6 (3). Sakkari scored 19 easy wins, 13 wins and the Chinese are 12-10.

Scary is back

Sakkari started with a break point in the second set and reached the break (1-0). Zhou recovered the second half (1-1) but as in the first we also had a third break in a row, but this time to Sakkari (2-1).

The Greek erased 4 break points for the Chinese in the fourth game and reached 3-1. Zou erased Scarry’s break point but came back and made it 4-1 with a break.

With serve it reached 5-1 and with a new break it closed at 6-1.

The reflection has not completed

The third set also opened with a break (1-0 China) and Zhou defended it 2-0. Sakkari erased the Chinese break point and reduced to 2-1.

Zhu led 3-1 and had a break point in the fifth game. Sakkari erased it as well as the next, reducing it to 3-2. Sakkari recovered the first half (3-3) and by hitting 2 aces it reached 4-3.

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The Chinese tied the score at 4-4 and had two break points in the ninth game. The Greeks erased them but with the Chinese third they made it 5-4 with a break.

Zhou would close the set at 6-4 and play Azarenka in the fourth round.

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