December 4, 2023

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Bad weather “EVA”: Lightning fire in Hydari – Newsbomb – News

Bad weather “EVA”: Lightning fire in Hydari – Newsbomb – News

Bad Weather “E.V.A»: A fire department team rushed to the spot

Attica also shows her teeth Bad Weather “EVA” The night is predicted to be long for the residents of the Valley.

Severe storms also hit the western suburbs of the province, while a palm tree was struck by lightning in Hydari.

Residents of the area said the fire broke out immediately after a very intense flash that turned “night into day”.

In fact, they were forced to raise the awnings on their balconies to prevent them from spreading.

Firefighters rushed to the spot to douse the fire and there were no injuries.

At this time, many parts of Attica are adopted heavy rainAs of now Fire department Besides, there is no call for damage or fibers Power outages It is mentioned in some regions such as Chaldea, Nicaea and Omonia.

Of course, both the fire brigade, police and civil defense will be on alert until the EVA passes through the bad weather.

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