November 30, 2023

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Bad Weather: Heavy storm floods Patras

Bad Weather: Heavy storm floods Patras

Severe weather events continue in Patra and surrounding areas, with heavy rain, wind and intense lightning activity.

The first serious problems have already been recorded in Patras, initially in the Dafnes region, where Roads have turned into rivers.

According to Tempo24, high levels of water were also recorded in the city center, in Riga Ferraiu and Xerocostopoulou. Officers were called to intervene at the stores Othonos Amalias, Iroon Polytechniou street and KDAP at Odyssea Elyti.

The Fire department Available Dozens of calls, Police also help where needed.

Canceling routes

Due to severe storm in Patras, bus route L13307 has been cancelled. Also, train route 13308 (Rio-Ag. Andreas) is canceled on the Panasaki-Ag section. Andrew. Delays and additional cancellations are expected.

Routes 13309 & 14300 (Ag. Andreas-Rio-Ag. Andreas) are cancelled, due to technical problems with the infrastructure due to severe weather in Patras.

Heavy rain in Nafpaktia

Prepare for inclement weather is Competent officers in NafpaktosOthers in surrounding areas.

In particular, heavy rain fell in Nafpaktos on Tuesday night, while Kalydonos was briefly flooded.

Analysis of Emergency Deterioration Report

Temporary Weather in our country is predicted to be badMainly in western and northern Greece, overnight heavy rain and storms with high frequency of lightning and localized hail.

The reason behind this change is the same disturbance in the upper atmosphere, It moves from west to east, as can be seen in the video.

It is important to note that the height of the 24-hour rainfall shows us Danger Color Indicator Yellow (Low) Based on Eumetnet’s Meteoalarm template.

The 24-hour period is from noon today to noon Wednesday. Although very high precipitation values ​​are not shown, it is required The focus is mainly on western Greece due to the speed and local nature of the events.

In more detail, they will be affected by:

  • From the afternoon the other Ionian Islands, western Styria, western Macedonia and northwestern Peloponnese.
  • Afternoon from Central Macedonia

At night, Thessaly and northern Evia will be temporarily affected.