June 2, 2023

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Battlefield will return in a “brand new way”

Determined to support his franchise battlefield strongly it is EA Despite the many problems it encountered Battlefield 2042the latest chapter in the series.

In his new remarks, the CEO of Electronic Arts said, Andrew Wilson He said the franchise would be one An important pieceThe company is in the future. The remarks, made in the middle of a recent report to EA shareholders, acknowledged the difficulties Battlefield 2042 faced during its launch, and took full responsibility for what happened.

EA Battlefield is one of the big names and brands, suggesting that the series will return in a very different way. EA has the potential to bring Battlefield back in a whole new way in the futureWilson said characteristically, without specifying how he intended to do it.

However, he currently does not have any news to share with shareholders regarding the various Battlefield projects in development. But he mentioned the fact that he will reveal more when “Good time.”

In July 2022 there was an announcement that practically confirmed the upcoming Battlefield It will include a single player campaignwhich was developed by the newly formed Battlefield Seattle Studio.

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