December 4, 2023

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Because in new cars you have to wait 30 seconds before starting

Because in new cars you have to wait 30 seconds before starting

As part of an effort to make new cars more environmentally friendly, some advanced components will feature that will reduce pollutants but will “require” the patience of drivers.

The noose is tightening around cars with Internal combustion engineswhich with the implementation of the new emissions standard Euro 7 It should emit fewer pollutants.

One of the big changes that the new standard will bring is Reducing emitted pollutants to me The first 10 kilometers of vehicular traffic. That’s quite a challenge for the auto industry, given that Combustion during cold starting is not “ideal”.

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Helping manufacturers achieve this goal is expected to be played by some high-end electrical appliances catalytic convertersCodename “super stimuli”.

He said the principle of operation electronic stimuli It is expected that they will be similar to those of conventional catalysts, that is, they will take care of converting hazardous exhaust gases into less hazardous ones.

However, in order for the catalyst to successfully fulfill its role, it must develop within it particularly high temperatureswhich requires a reasonable amount of time.

So, during a cold start of the engine, the catalyst does not have time to “catch” the correct operating temperature, as a result of which it cannot convert the exhaust gases into less dangerous ones.

This is where superior catalysts come in: what many OEMs recommend Insert a glow plug and a fan that preheats the catalyst before starting the engine. On a technical level, the operation of this system requires 48 volt technology.

To perform this procedure, it is estimated that one will be required A period of time close to 30 seconds, from the moment we press the engine start button. Therefore, until this process is completed, the engine will not be able to activate.

According to experts, Waiting time can be reduced through the use of special sensors Which will indicate that the engine warm-up has started from the moment the car is unlocked. At the same time, one can contribute to speeding up the process application (application) on his mobile phone with which the driver will be able to request the action to be performed remotely.

However, under these conditions, the driver will need to be patient for 5-10 seconds.

It is noteworthy that the file The volume of super catalysts will be 30% larger than conventional catalytic converters. Which means that in combination with most advanced technology Of them, it will lead to an increase in car prices by approx 600 euros.

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