December 4, 2023

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Beos for Kuya: “Aleko I love you”

Beos for Kuya: “Aleko I love you”

And Achilles Pius, in his statements to the “Metropolis” radio station, referred to Alexis Kogia on the occasion of the latter’s statements about Volos, sending a message of … love.

the Achilles Pius He spoke on “Sti Sentra” from “Metropolis 95.5” and no matter what he said Regarding tickets and the Greek Cup finalreferred to by Spartan notes Alexis Koya.

The new strong man is referred to as Heracles bullet Speaking of “collective villages”, During the press conference to enter into its administrative affairs An old man. And the owner of Thessaly was asked about this, declared it, and answered it on the air, and sent a letter of love … to Mr. Cogia, in which he says precisely:

«Don’t tell me about Kuya, I love him. I love kogias. Let him speak and say what he wants. Do you want me to remind you of what he says like, What did my grandmother used to tell me? What the fox does not reach, it makes hangers-on. The night always leaves, where it goes the night leaves. I love him, but I love him too much. I love Koya. If you put your files down and see what he said last year about Heracles and what complaints he said he would make about Triglia, you would literally lose the ball…. Aliko I love you baby».

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