August 9, 2022

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Biden announces new $ 800 million military aid to Ukraine

On Thursday, April 21, US President Joe Biden announced the second US $ 800 million package of aid to Ukraine.

The announcement came after Biden met with Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Schmidt behind closed doors at the White House.

The new package includes US-claimed weapons such as howitzers, 144,000 bombs and tactical drones in retaliation for Russia’s offensive in eastern Ukraine.

Explaining “direct assistance from the United States and efforts to facilitate international military exports, Ukraine may be allowed to prevent Russia from seizing the country,” the president stressed the need to expedite the “aid package” to prepare Ukraine.

With this package, Biden confirmed that the United States had almost completed its approval of Congress to supply arms to Ukraine, and said that next week he would ask the legislature for an additional budget to guarantee that the flow of arms would continue “without interruption.”

Biden management has allocated an additional $ 500 million in financial assistance to Ukraine, bringing in $ 1 billion in economic aid over the past two months.

The administration has also launched a new immigration program for Ukrainian refugees, which speeds up the process for sponsors such as family members or NGOs.

“The plan is to be fast and streamlined, and to ensure that the United States extends its commitment to the Ukrainian people who do not need to cross our southern border,” Biden said.

Biden also announced a ban on Russian ships in US ports.

“Any ship that sails under the Russian flag or is owned or operated in Russian interests will not be able to stop at US ports or access our beaches,” Biden said, adding that “this is another important step. We are joining with our allies.”

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