October 1, 2023

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Big surprise with Botucci in Olympiacos

Big surprise with Botucci in Olympiacos

Olympiacos is laying out its plans for the new season with Antonio Cordón tasked with “running” the plans for the red and white team.

The first and most important issue for the Spanish coach is to find the next coach for Piraeus, but at the same time, scenarios abroad give and take both for the team’s transfer targets, but also for the footballers already on the roster. .

One such case is Zoomer Butouchi, who was acquired by Piraeus last January, but has not competed well and, according to reports, has attracted interest from abroad.

In particular, the international wing of Olympiacos has attracted the attention of Japan and especially Urawa Red Diamonds, who want to make it theirs immediately. At the moment there is nothing official, but there is talk in Japan of contacts between Orava and the player’s side, with the aim of finding her and moving Kosovo to Asia.

It is worth noting that the 27-year-old attacking midfielder, who came to Greece in January and after three years in Konyaspor, played in only three matches and even as a substitute.

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