February 7, 2023

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Bisbrigo: Inquest into death of 9-year-old Georgina ‘up in the air’ – Newsbomb – News

A 33-year-old lawyer Patras, Alexis KougiasHe is expected to request an adjournment of the case due to his busy schedule

After nine months in prison, she apologized for them Death of Iris and Malena’s children Pending investigation, H Rula Bisbrikov He will sit on a joint jury today for the murder and attempted murder of his 9-year-old daughter Georgina.

However, 33-year-old lawyer Alexis Kougias from Patras is expected to submit a request to postpone the case due to his busy schedule. According to reports, Mr. Goukias is expected to begin, among other duties, the opening of the Alki Kampanos murder case in Thessaloniki, where the temporary inmates are soon to complete a one-year prison term.

The court will be asked to consider the adjournment request and decide whether to grant it Or it will span some dates within the next 20 days. However, Roulas Pispirgou’s temporary detention period still has 9 months to run out, as well as the possibility that he will be sentenced to a second pre-trial detention after he apologized for the death of his two youngest children, it is not excluded that his lawyer’s request was accepted by the court.

Specifying option

On October 6, the judges of the Competent Judicial Council decided to send Rula Bisbrigo to trial for the murder and attempted murder of her daughter Georgina. In a “fire” option, The judges ruled that the accused had committed a crime It was concluded that her attempted murder and her murder were done with ketamine because she was delusional and in a calm state of mind.

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According to the judges, nose and mouth obstruction This is not a convenient way to cause disruption. After all, as they explain, the defendant administered a substance that was not precisely identified, a central nervous system depressant, and the substance was determined to be ketamine. A substance among those capable of causing seizures And this brought a drop in arrival and zero oxygen saturation.

On January 29, when the 9-year-old girl was being treated at the hospital, only her mother was present, the court accepted the proposal of lawyer Giorgos Noulis. Room. As they noted in their multi-page will, her obsession with her husband of 33 years, Manos Taskalakis, was what motivated her to do what she did next because of all the events that happened during her separation from her husband.

“The motivation of the accused based on the manifestation of the aforesaid persistent criminal behavior is controlled by the unfavorable and pathological characteristics of his personality and temperament, which crystallizes in notions of grandeur associated mainly with publicity/fame, but none of them. In accepting the idea that publicity/fame can be gained through criminal acts, on the basis of fact, In a constant negotiation between truth and falsehood, real and unreal, without losing any real emotion, in concentration of thoughts (important role) and already separated from her husband, supporting accusations, with a strong possessive expression about him, with the thought/fear of her abandonment, more to be the center of attention through advertising popularity. Emphasizing . , the children’s view of D as a narcissistic extension of himself and an attitude toward idealizing death, this congregation In judgment, it demonstrates shamelessness, strong anti-social behavior, indifference to human life, humble springs and particular dangerousness of the accused. The judges explain.

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