October 1, 2023

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Blood & Treasure Season 2: Latest Updates on the Upcoming Season

It’s been years since the first season of  Blood & Treasure, and it’s easy to forget that a second season was even ordered at all.

The CBS show is no longer on CBS but instead on the Paramount+ streaming service which will air the first two episodes of Blood & Treasure season 2 this coming Sunday (July 17th, 2022) and then new episodes every Sunday.

Despite the mixed reactions from the critics and audiences, it looks like there is a chance for The 100 season 3. In fact, Matt Barr has now been cast as Harley Quinn on WALKER: INDEPENDENCE, a series that’s premiering on the CW this fall. Though not popular with critics or audiences, it seems like The 100 is a show worth watching now more than ever. It features Arianna as well as plenty of action sequences and exciting adventures. There’s no better time to watch than during the summertime when you can enjoy all the elements of this show!

About Blood & Treasure

Basically, the concept of the Blood & Treasure Season 1 is an antiquities expert and a cunning art thief who team up for the purpose of catching the terrorist who does all the nasty things and he uses the treasure which he got earlier to fund his terrorist activities.

During the process, they get themselves into a 2000-year-old battle which finally ends in a good way.

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Possibilities of Blood & Treasure Season 3

With the move of Blood & Treasure to Paramount +, the possibilities of Blood & Treasure season 3 looks thin but there are still chances for the renewal for the season 3 if the Blood & Treasure Season 2 makes profits and gets a good response from the audience.