December 7, 2022

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“Bombshell” Inside Story: Ties Between Maximos and Intellexa Have Long Been Close

“Security for all – security everywhere”, is the motto of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, but as it is demonstrated daily, the Prime Minister and his close staff have a different, darker perception of the concept of security and the means of achieving it. Govt and NT They didn’t try to hide.

These revelations are stormy and deconstruct all the flimsy arguments Maximos makes to save himself from the Megaton scandal that drags him into an uncontrollable spiral.

The latest development is that the Greek government revealed an inside story about the “secret” purchase of Predator, which it offers in another contract of EYP, its political and administrative head, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, but also about its operation as illegal software in government-controlled space.

According to a detailed report by Tasos Teloglou and Eliza Triantafyllou, “In Agia Paraskevi, an area controlled by the Greek government, Intellexa’s Predator illegal surveillance system was installed. His purchase cost the Greek side 7 million euros, of which the cost of 10 goals per month is 150,000 euros. According to the same sources, the system The purchase is “hidden” in another EYP contract.

Inside Story follows a new face, Shahak Avni, a close associate of Tal Dilian for at least the last nine years – first at Whisper and its successor, Intellexa. In particular, he mentions: “Avni “discovers” the Greek market before his partner Tal Dilian, a few weeks after the victory of ND. In the elections of July 7, 2019, before the company Intellexa (founded in March 2020) was created in our country, Avni Sahak introduced Predator software in Greece. .”

The illegal surveillance system is located in the Greek government-controlled area of ​​Agia Paraskevi, where 2-3 Israelis, Tilian group staff and police and EYP staff work, while Krigel has access to the same area.

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The system was initially used on an experimental basis against “foreign targets”. “For several months, tests were carried out until the general use of the system in August 2020,” a source who worked closely with Tal Dilian and the head of EYP Panagiotis Kontoleons told Inside Story from the fall of 2019. .

“But the thing went away and started to be used inside the country, first with foreign targets, then more and more,” the same source added.

In September 2020, more links were created (which are sent to phones and, if clicked, lead to domains that introduce illegal software on the phone) within a month, 11 in number, giving an indication of its size capabilities. The system can register up to 10 targets simultaneously.

After launching the software in Greece, a delegation of government officials and private individuals travels to Israel, where they are guided to the country’s various critical intelligence-gathering infrastructures, and it is decided to establish Intellexa in Athens. March 2020 – A crisis erupts in Tal Dilian’s van in Larnaca after a related video is shown on Forbes.

How the Krikel – Intellexa relationship “binds”.

Following the disclosure statement “Eph.Syn.” – Reporters UnitedThe Inside Story presents evidence that Dimitriadis, Panagiotopoulou’s best man, Pleuris Tzouvalas, and Krigel businessman Yiannis Lavranos had direct ties to Predator’s Intellexa.

The disputed facts presented in the report are as follows:

  • 35% owner of Intellexa since May 2020 (through Cypriot company Santinomo) is businessman Felix Pidgeos. Through his other Cypriot company Vinaido, he acted as a consultant to Crickel during the nine months of 2018 to develop its strategy regarding projects (support and development of specialized software) within the Greek territory.
  • Viniato’s payment was made in August 2018 from Krikel’s account at Piraeus Bank and 50,000 euros were transferred to Viniato from Krikel’s account at Optima Bank in 2019.
  • In May 2020, the month Felix Biggios acquired 35% of Intellexa, Kriegl is moving its headquarters to Maroussi, to offices owned by Leith Capital Ventures, the third Cypriot company of Biggios interests, at a rent of 5,000 euros per month.
  • Biggio’s ties to Kriegel, Lavranos interests and Lathe Capital Ventures, at least as it appears from the operation of Kriegel’s accounts at Optima Bank, date back to at least November 2019.
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The most interesting discovery in these bank account movements that Inside Story reveals is the movement of money between Krigel and Intellexa.

The two companies made at least one transaction in July 2020, the same month the first dummy domains were purchased for targeting and tracking targets with Predator in Greece, namely: A transfer of €155,000 from Intellexa to Krikel via the European Payments System (SEPA) is shown on 22/7/2020, with an equivalent amount coming out from Krikel to Intellexa on the same day.

EAD’s investigation is full of gaps

The National Transparency Commission has been targeted by Inside Story, which, as two researcher-journalists point out, did not actually investigate the Krygel-Intellexa relationship, as evidenced by a report it gave to Thanasis Koukakis in July about his surveillance with Predator. In it he noted that he did not see any connection between the state and Intellexa.

The journalist, in a statement to the EAD in May, had asked the authority to declassify the bank secrecy of Intellexa, Apollo Technologies, Hermes Technologies, Feroveno and Krikel, all companies involved in the case. One that does not authorize the incomplete control of these institutions, the release notes.

“Had the bank account movements between Intellexa and Krikel and Krikel and Felix Biggio’s companies of interest (i.e. Intellexa’s shareholder) been interrelated, a more accurate picture would have emerged, resulting in the fact that its intentions appear not to be EAD”, it says in a new disclosure of Inside Story.

The release also points out that Alexandra Rocagu, the interim head of the National Transparency Commission, who took over after the investigation under Angelos Pinis (who left the EAD for Frontex), admitted in testimony before the investigative panel to the wiretapping. Former Chairman of EAD Mr. The audit had a limited scope based on the audit mandate of the Binis. Relationships with other organizations, invisible partners and parallel activities.

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The Inside Story, Kyriakos Mitsotakis hinted (as the government spokesman has in the past) “pleasure” in his recent extraordinary TV interview with ANT1 – after Sunday’s paper published a list of 33 names of Predator surveillance targets. The EAD’s decision was evidence that the Greek government had no involvement in the illegal surveillance, the EAD said, adding that the investigation is still ongoing – months after it was completed.