May 22, 2022

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Books and readers meet again at the Bogot exhibition after 2 years of epidemic

This content was released on April 18, 2022 – 17:26

Bogot, ap. 18 (EFE) .- Colombian books and readers will meet again this Tuesday at the XXXIV Bogot சர்வதேச International Book Fair (FILBo) in the nation’s capital, returning in person after two years of epidemic and being a guest in South Korea. Respect.

From April 19 to May 2, a group of more than a hundred South Korean writers, teachers, artists and academics will be in Bogotடன் with the call for coexistence as the central theme of FILBo.

The exhibition is being held under the slogan “Come back, so you can come back” to mark the virtual design that the Book Festival should adhere to during a health crisis.

About 500 guests from 30 countries will gather at the FILBo, which, in addition to the editorial and trade show, will include more than 1,600 face-to-face events at Corferias and one hundred performances elsewhere in the Colombian capital.

“We have international guests again for this edition, allowing us to strengthen the publishing industry after imprisonment,” explained Andrés López Valderrama, managing director of Corferias.

Back to front

The last two editions of FILBo reached more than 123,000 people by 2020, and reached 1,805,000 in the 17 days of last year’s exhibition, which is expected to regain vitality by returning to live action.

According to Emiro Aristotle, executive director of the Colombian Bookstore, this edition of the FILBo is believed to have “repeated the numbers of 2019” last year for the epidemic and “600,000 people gathered around the book” in Bogot.

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To this end, nearly 400 exhibitors, including publishers, distributors and booksellers, have prepared their lists to be displayed during the 14 days of the exhibition, while participants will be able to attend talks, workshops and book signings with their favorite authors.

International participation

Eun Heekyung’s visit to Bogot from South Korea, writing “The Gift of the Bird”; Yu-Jeong Jeong (“good son”); Kim Kyung-yuk (“Time between dog and wolf”); Susie Lee (“The Wave, My Paint Shop”); Kim Hyun (“Tunnel”), and Hong Kong (“The Vegetarian”) and others.

This year’s FILBo invitation coincides with the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Colombia and South Korea.

Among the international guests, he stands alone with Romanian novelist Mircia Carterz, who will talk to Colombian writer Santiago Campova about writing, dreams and reality in the series “Conversations That Changed His Life”.

In the same series of conversations, Colombian writer Pedot Bonnet and Brazilian Diego Ferro will talk about the pain of loss in literature; The author of the history of the “Trojan horse” is the Spanish J.J. Benitez will speak with his biographer, Antonio Eraso.

Argentine actress and writer Camila Sosa and Peruvian writer Gabriela Weiner will be in talks on literature and drama. Inside the Latin American scene, Chile’s Isabel Allende will also be speaking to journalist Claudia Morales at the Bogot Book Festival for the first time.

FILBo, responsible for writing a report on the causes and origins of the Colombian conflict, will dedicate a number of functions to the Truth Commission, which will include conferences and talks. EFE

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