February 5, 2023

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Brazil took us back to the years of innocence

Charlie writes about the Brazil national team that against South Korea he presented an old spectacle and scored his first goal in the 2022 World Cup: to prove to the whole world that he is still a different national team.

The Brazilian national team He went to Qatar as his favourite world Cup And with one common admission: that it has the most complete roster for the 2022 World Cup. First knockout match Produce the best half we’ve seen from a team in competition.

A view from the past

For 36 minutes, Tete’s players hid the ball and presented a spectacle from the past. The big boys took us back to the times when the Brazilian national team won over loyal fans regardless of whether they won the title or not.

She made the little children, who sat watching her eagerly from the stories of their elders, develop a great love and at the end of every World Cup countdown until they saw her play soccer again.

The sport has changed, a lot of tactics and speed have entered, the players have incredible physical strength. So there is no possibility even – gifted in individual talent and artistic gifts – Brazilians to give priority to the scene. However, in the first half they hid the ball.

The times when I first imagined soccer players and then saw them

There were times when they danced with it and took old people back to their innocence years.

In the years you didn’t even see the great footballers appear in the World Cup, but you read about them in so many little posts that you learned by word of mouth and walked for hours, changing buses until you found them. I imagined them first, then I saw them.

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Back then, in their big screen debuts, which of course weren’t that big, there were heroes who were underwhelming, you’ve seen them in those few games you’ve had the chance, a lot more ground than you ever imagined them to be, but also a team that never let you down, even Although in those years he did not go all the way.

Perhaps the fact that Brazil in 1982 and until 1986 did not win the tournament added to its legend and the magic it hid for children and adults at that time. After all, we all received preparations from our elders, before we sat down to watch the first match of the Brazilian national team.

They killed their first target

Whether they lose or win the World Cup, the Brazilians’ 36 minutes take us back to those years. Of course, for this to happen you must have an adversary who presents himself, but also the quality and temperament to present your virtues to the world.

It turns out that the Brazilians, despite the anxiety and pressure from past failures and their desire to win the title, were also thinking that in order to achieve success, it is not enough just to win the title. There is a legacy to be served.

We have seen, from the way they have chosen to celebrate their goals, that modern football, its commercialization and all the good and bad it has brought, has not made them forget their roots.

So they achieved their first goal. They have shown the football world that they can and remain different. It is neither easy nor intuitive. I would say the opposite, since the vast majority of Brazilian footballers, from a young age, are absorbed into European clubs.

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However, Neymar and his team have shown that football on the sand, matches in the slums where anything is allowed, is in their genetics, and if they all come together, they are looking for an opportunity to enjoy the sport and put on their football show.

Certainly, from now on, they need to focus on getting back into the molds, finding a way to control the middle against Modric, Brozovic, Kovacic, to deal with Van’s 3-4-1-2 Hull or how they will take on Messi. Reaching the final after 20 years and then winning the title.

to kill the ghost of 7ara

Therefore, the Brazilians, in the first half they played against South Korea, scored one of their goals, which is a must, and for the tournament to be complete, they must have covered it.

Remind Brazil, now they need to return to the modern era of the sport, to beat the competition.

In terms of roster, they don’t lack anything, they’ve been to the World Cup, and they know they have a full roster for the competition. But what they lack is the successes of the recent past that give them confidence.

Those who follow the reports, data and reality around the Brazilian national team in recent years, know very well that seventh place by the Germans in 2014 has haunted them. He created a heavy burden, a black cloud over the Seleção that could only be dispelled by winning the World Cup. It’s a situation that stresses footballers and creates human thinking about how to manage them when the game goes awry.

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This is also the biggest fear of Brazilians, as they have no one to fear in terms of capabilities.

The accepted path to the semi-finals, which does not give them the right to be tested in difficult situations.

Germany’s elimination and Spain’s decision to go into the opposite group create a viable path to the semi-finals. But in the end we will know if this fact will help the Brazilians, it is more likely that they will reach the semi-finals without having to test in difficult confrontations, without facing really stressful situations in the tournament.

We’ll get the answers eventually. Before the World Cup started, we knew this event had a favourite, but he must prove on the field that he can withstand the tough situations created in singles knockout matches. Something he failed to do four years ago with Belgium in Russia.