September 29, 2023

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Brian Shaffer: Walked into a bar 17 years ago and never seen again – The case that haunts Ohio

Brian Shaffer: Walked into a bar 17 years ago and never seen again – The case that haunts Ohio

Shortly before he went on vacation with his girlfriend Brian Shaffer disappeared forever. He reportedly intended to propose to her on that trip. He never showed up at the airport and all traces of him are lost forever. His case has preoccupied authorities for 17 years. Everyone wants a solution to the widely publicized mystery of his disappearance.

It all started when 27-year-old medical student Brian Shaffer, from Ohio, USA, went out to have fun with his friends on the night of March 31, 2006. He entered the Ugly Tuna Saloona Bar with his friends around 10 pm. From that night on he was never seen again.

She was with William Clint Florence when they headed to the bar to have fun. They soon leave and head to the Arena and Short North area. Williams’ girlfriend Meredith Reed offers to take them back to Ugly Tuna where they will all continue their evening together.

CCTV footage captured the group ascending the escalators to the bar’s second floor entrance at around 1.15am. Brian went outside shortly afterwards around 2am and was seen talking to two women before disappearing forever.

His friends called him several times, and the calls went straight to voicemail.

The couple left after the bar closed and thought they would call Brian Shaffer the next day. And while cameras caught all the patrons leaving the bar on the fateful night, the footage never showed Brian leaving. Brian Shaffer’s father has been trying to find his son but his calls went unanswered this weekend.

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Brian Shaffer did not show up at the airport Monday morning as he was leaving with his partner for a vacation. On that day he was officially reported missing. More than 50 police officers launched investigations to locate the medical student.

Friends and relatives of Brian Shaffer were questioned and subjected to lie detector tests. All except William, who refused to do so. The man who was with him on the fateful night. Nor were the two women seen talking to Brian Shaffer on the fateful night before his disappearance required to undergo a similar test.

His partner, Alexis Wagoner, called his cell phone every day hoping he’d pick it up. All calls went straight to voicemail. Only once, in September, did his phone ring three times, leaving Alexis hoping he might still be alive.

Excitement with the disappearance of Brian Shaffer

Since his phone did not have a GPS, the location could not be found and the mobile operator claimed that it may have been dialed in by mistake. The Columbus Police Department could not believe that a man had disappeared from the face of the Earth. There is no evidence that can lead to what really happened on the fateful day.

The last time any picture of Brian Shaffer was taken before he disappeared forever was at the Ugly Tuna Bar. He had a bright future ahead of him with the police all these years unable to provide answers to the questions that still haunt his brother.

Only his younger brother survived. Brian Shaffer lost his mother to cancer shortly before he went missing. Two years after his disappearance, Randy’s father also passed away. His brother Derek is still searching for Brian Shaffer after the mysterious disappearance that has haunted his family for 17 years.

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Everyone is looking for what happened to the young student

The case of Brian Schafer’s disappearance resurfaced three years ago. An image of a homeless man resembling a young student has gone viral on social media. After extensive FBI investigations, it turns out he is a much different person to the chagrin of his family and friends.

Following this development, the FBI created a picture of Brian Shaffer as he would look like today.

Unfortunately, no further developments occurred, nor evidence revealing what happened to the unfortunate student who disappeared without a trace. There is a $100,000 reward for information on his fate, while those close to him pray for his return.

texts all these many years. murder suicide Or a man who chose to leave everything behind? Even theories that Brian Shaffer wanted to live elsewhere with a new identity have not been verified.