February 7, 2023

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Britain: fuss with Sunak

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak He was severely criticized on Saturday (24/12) for appearing far from ordinary people as requested by A homelessat a charity event, if he is an entrepreneur and wants to work in the financial industry.

Sunak, a former CEO of Goldman Sachs and one of the richest people in the world BritainAnd the Breakfast was served at a homeless shelter In London on Friday when she had a conversation with a man she said was called Dean.

“Are you in business?” The prime minister is heard asking as he is handed a plate of sausages, toast and eggs.

“No, I am homeless. Actually, I am homeless.”– answered his interlocutor.

Angela Reiner, deputy leader of the opposition Labor Party, tweeted a snapshot of the conversation, calling “sad”. Another Labor MP, Bill Esterson, said Sunak was, too “Misplaced”.

the Awkward dialogue It started with the homeless when he asked the prime minister if he was “fixing the economy”. Then the homeless man told him that he was interested in business and finance, and Sinak replied that he was also into finance.

“Is this something you’d like to do?” Sunak asked the man.

“Yeah, I don’t mind. But, I don’t know, I’d like to have Christmas first.”Dean said.

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