December 5, 2023

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Bucks 101-104: Antitokonmo scores a triple-double and saves Milwaukee from final disaster in overtime

Bucks 101-104: Antitokonmo scores a triple-double and saves Milwaukee from final disaster in overtime

Holiday, Hill, Ingles, Middleton were out, but Giannis Antetokounmpo was there (30/21/10) to lead the Bucks to a big road win over the Toronto Raptors just hours after his epic career high against the Wizards.

They played two nights ago in Indianapolis. They did not greet the witches of yesterday and immediately flew to Canada. The Raptors and Bucks were tired, Milwaukee was even more tired early Thursday (5/1), but the team’s MVP NBA He was there to carry her to the conclusion she needed (104-101) so that “Build good habitsAs he says and says again. And that result was achieved with overdrive, with the Stags losing their +21 in the 44′ and their +16 in 1:15(!) before the end to go into overtime and there to see their captain make a difference.

22 hours later he had a career high of 55 pointsthe John Antikonmo He was available to Mike Budenholzer and was a bulldozer. He attacked the Canadiens defense mercilessly, breaking them down at the line of scrimmage, had a rebounding party, was creative and scored an improbable triple-double that capped a five-game winning streak in Toronto.

The tenth pass set up a Grayson Allen three-pointer as Milwaukee blew a 21-point lead in the final quarter and 16 in the last 75 seconds, but he finished the job in overtime in a literally crazy game. The Bucks went up to 25-13 (16-4 at home and 9-9), with Pat Connaughton making the offense he was looking for and with Bobby Portis-Brook Lopez following on an odd night that almost ended up leading to a historic… Elafias wreck.

At 16-22 Raptors (11-9 at home and 5-13 away), who disappointed most of the game. They got into the 0/15 shooting game and took eight minutes to score their first basket, they had poor body language, they seemed to have lost the chemistry and cohesion of previous years, and they probably realized that Over the next five weeks there will be major adjustments in their list.

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Fred Van Fleet was the lone survivor, perhaps with struggling second half OJ Anunoby and Gary Trent coming up late in regulation, but the truth is Nick Nurse has his work cut out to rebuild a team that will make a championship. In the final, his team put in a really big effort and escaped being upset by -21, but it was bad overall.

The next challenger for the Milwaukee Bucks is the Charlotte Hornets from LaMelo Ball early Saturday morning (1/7) at 03:00 at the Fiserv Forum.

Antetokounmpo account

In the first part he had 8/11/3 at 16:16, but also five fouls. However, he was the only one who created situations for the Bucks, the only one who made open shots and the one who made something… logical for Milwaukee against a very closed defense. By the end of the third period he had 16/17/4 in 24:30 and of course he continued to be the best this game could offer.

Early in the fourth, he fatigued anyone who tried to stop him and was effective from the line, before hitting a 3-pointer and his fifth assist to single-handedly build an 11-point lead. In the Finals, he faced an impenetrable wall that saw the Raptors come back from -21 and send the game to overtime, but there he may have hit the first pass in his 10th year in the NBA, to Grayson Allen’s three-pointer, for the victory’s three-pointer and a triple-double. The 12 fouls are a lot and of course they catch the eye, but for anyone who watched the match, they tell half the truth about his appearance.

30 points
6/15 2 points
1/3 three points
15/21 rounds
21 follow up
10 assists
1 block
12 Fouls (career high)
4 errors
13 earned fouls
+20 to +/-
42.5 osg%
At 39:42

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46-44 points at the racket, 23-16 points in surprise, 7-34 (!) off-the-rack points, 32-9 points from opponent fouls, 10-6 points from second chances (offensive rebounds), in front of 19,800 spectators, this confrontation took place The improbable, which included bad basketball, but suspense for 53 minutes.


It was unbelievable, but it was also true. The Raptors entered the shooting game 0-of-15, it took 6:48 for Siakam to score his first point on a shot and 7:32 for his first basket, while the Bucks were equally ineffective scoring 13 points. At 9′ it was 7-10, at the end of the period it was 12-13 with seven baskets (!) on 47 attempts and the hosts scoring eight points on shots. Literally, explaining what we saw in twelve minutes is almost impossible.

Beauchamp and Green made great shots into the perimeter early in the second (12-21), earning the trust of Antetokounmpo who had been looking for them on the three-pointer, before Connaughton made his second +11 (16-27) and the Canadiens from the shot enjoyed 4/36 He immediately had a good run and 16-5 inning to tie the game at 32-32 at inning. Both teams posted their worst performances of the year. They both shot him as if to miss. 29-41 rebounds at the break, with the Bucks unable to find points from the second attacks.

With Anunobi scoring from the perimeter, the Raptors entered the second half with more balance as Giannis kept the Bucks ahead (48-50 in 28 minutes) with Portis and Lopez finishing near the basket. The game was left wide open 53-59 at 33′ and 59-63 at 36′, with Antetokounmpo resting in the closing minutes of the third period to take action in the fourth.

The Greek Freak continued to tire opponents with passes they couldn’t handle without fouling, making the shots 61-67, making it a 3-pointer to make it 61-70 with 8:43 left in the period, then helping out on Green for the Bucks +11. After a mistake on the goal, the eighth assist could no longer be turned over and 69-90 in the 44th minute. In any league in the world, of course, not in the NBA. The Raptors made their quarter and with a 28-7 lead sent the game into overtime, where the visitors lost almost everything in four minutes.

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In overtime, the score naturally remained low, with Antetokounmpo constantly seeing three and four bodies in front of him, but he did get his tenth assist, an improbable pass to Grayson Allen in the corner that led to the winning shot as VanVleet eventually found an iron. On the new tie of three points and the second five-minute overtime.

the dodecalepta: 12-13, 38-39, 59-63, 97-97 (qa), 101-104

Toronto Raptors (Nick Nurse): Anunobi 14 (4/10 2 throws, 2/8 3 throws, 9 rebounds, 4 steals), Barnes 19 (9/15 2 throws, 0/4 3 throws, 4 rebounds, 3 assists), Siakam 11 (4/18 shots, 8 rebounds, 4 assists), Trent 22 (5/11 2 shots, 3/12 3 shots, 3/3 shots, 5 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals), VanVleet 28 ( 4/9 2 throws, 4/14 3 throws, 8/8 shooting, 8 rebounds, 12 assists, 3 steals, 1 foul in 47 minutes), Bouchet 5 (6 rebounds), Ochoa 2, Flynn, Hernangometh

Bucks Milwaukee (Mike Bodenholzer): Connaughton 15 (5/11 3-pointers, 6 rebounds), Giannis Antetokounmpo 30 (6/15 2-pointers, 1/3 3-pointers, 15/21 shots, 21 rebounds, 10 assists, 1 block, 12 turnovers, 4 fouls at 39:42), Lopez 9 (19 rebounds, 2 sets), Allen 16 (2/5 3-pointers, 6/8 shots, 4 rebounds, 5 assists), Carter (0/0 5 shots), Portis 14 (7/12 2 points, 0/4 3 shots, 12 rebounds), Beauchamp 10 (2/3 3 shots, 4 rebounds, 2 assists), Nora 5 (1), Mamoukilasvili, Green 5 ( 1) Thanasis Antitokonmo

Toronto raptors team stats: 29/70 2 made, 9/46 3 made, 16/20 blocked shots, 61 rebounds, 22 assists, 10 steals, 4 blocks, 8 turnovers, 23 fumbles

Milwaukee Bucks stats: 22/49 2-pointers, 13/39 3-pointers, 21/30 shooting, 83 rebounds, 26 assists, 4 steals, 4 blocks, 25 turnovers, 24 fumbles