February 7, 2023

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Bulls – Bucks 119-113: Legendary performance by Antetokounmpo, but ’40-year-old’ DeRozan had the final word (vid)

The Chicago Bulls (15-19) defeated the Milwaukee Bucks (22-12) in overtime 119-113. An unexpected duel between Giannis Antetokounmpo (45 points, 22 rebounds) and Demar DeRozan (42 points, 10 rebounds).

the John Antikonmo And the DeMar DeRozan. Whatever one could do, the other tried to do better. Match with the Chicago Bulls Milwaukee Bucks He had five extra minutes and it had to be accompanied by a powerful finale. whether in regular time or overtime (119-113). With the Bucks account now four losing streak.

Giannis scored 45 points (14/36 doubles, 0/3 triples, 11/18 shooting), “pulled down” 22 rebounds and made 7 assists (with 1 steal, 5 turnovers) in 42:15 and became the second to have a game with No fewer than 45 points and 20 rebounds, just 24 hours after the previous one, the Luka Doncic (And the fourth in the last 10 seasons!). But this appearance was not enough.

the DeMar DeRozan He was also unstoppable. The Chicago Bulls guard did everything for his team. Among his 42 points (15/25 RB, 12/14 shooting), 10 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals, 2 blocks in 44:25 is the steal that led to the assist and Dongsunmu nailed it for 106-106 (7.8 seconds before the end) And of course in overtime.

2 minutes DeRozan

And in the five extra minutes, the score was 113-113, after three pointers Bobby Portis On top of the tie, DeRozan took action: Two-pointer shots for 115-113, he rebounded after a missed two-pointer Antitokonmo That reminded Dirk Nowitzki’s fade and four consecutive shots in the final 119-113.

In additional work S Antitokonmo He had five fouls and scored two points, looking exhausted at times.

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for dollars (Excluding Khris Middleton and Gro Holiday) Portis had 20 points and 11 rebounds, Brook Lopez had 14 points and Grayson Allen had 13.

As for them bulls; DeRozan found support facing Zac LaVine (24 points) and Nikola Vucevic (15 points, 14 rebounds) with the Montenegrin center also having a big overtime three-pointer (111-110).

the dozen: 28-32, 57-55, 79-82, 106-106 (qa), 119-113 (par)

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