May 30, 2023

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Butler broke Dream, with 35 points for the Celtics, with a 123-116 Heat lead and a 1-0 lead.

With Jimmy Butler doing – once again – things and miracles in Boston, the Heat prevailed over the Celtics 123-116 in Game 1, broke away from…good morning and took a 1-0 lead in the series.

The Heat started by breaking Milwaukee in Game 1 of the first round. They started with a break in New York in the second round. The Celtics didn’t get the message. They saw Miami defeat Boston 116-123 in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, with the Heat leading 1-0.

Magical Jimmy Butler with 35 points (20 in the second half), 5 rebounds, 7 assists and 6 steals was once again the one to pull away from the Heat, as Bam Adebayo added 20 points, Kyle Lowry, Caleb Martin, Gabe Vincent and . Max Strauss 15 points. Exactly: Miami had 6 players with +15 points (!), which is the definition of a team effort, but on a night – like many so far this year – it belonged to Jimmy Butler.

For the Celtics, Jason Tatum had 30 points – but he didn’t try to shoot in the fourth quarter! Jaylen Brown, 22 points, and Malcolm Brogdon, 19 points.

It was generally a strange game, or rather – a classic where everything plays out. Miami was -13 at halftime and -9 at the end of the second half. But in the third period, he emerged… possessed, starting with a partial score of 13-1, and eventually having a partial aggregate score of 46-25 (the 46 points is a record in team history).

That’s it. Miami now has the upper hand. He got +12 at one point, withstood the Celtics explosion in the Finals and pulled off a fair win.

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the dodecalepta: 30-28, 66-57, 91-103, 116-123

Celtics: Tatum 30 (3-pointer, 7 rebounds), Horford 7 (1/5 three-pointer, 6 rebounds), R. Williams 14 (6/6 two-pointer, 7 rebounds), Smart 13 (2 three-pointers), 11 assists), Brown 22 (1/6 three-pointers, 9 rebounds, 5 assists), Brogdon 19 (2), White 11 (3/5 three-pointers), Pritchard

He hits: Love 8 (2 threes, 6 rebounds), Butler 35 (2/4 threes, 5 rebounds, 7 assists, 6 steals), Antebayo 20 (8 rebounds, 5 assists), Vincent 15 (3/5 threes ), Struss 15 (3/5 3-pointers), Robinson, Martin 15 (3/7 3-pointers), Zeller, Lowry 15 (3/5 3-pointers)