December 4, 2022

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Celebrity TV couples who were “knife shooters” outside the TV set

Most of the readers in the past few days felt as if we hit our heads, lost consciousness and then woke up in … the distant 1990’s, when the legendary TV series “Shine” was premiered with the satirical and lustful oligarch Iago Draco and the corrupt vassal Prosecutor Verna Draco as heroes, that is, he Christos BullittThe And the Katia Dandulakis. Thirty years later, the iconic stage star and retired actor, permanent resident of Epidaurus, is once again in the news as a duo, after “Iagos” has gone through fourteen generations of “Virna” and its actors, Nikos Fosculos.

I followed her answer DendolakisThe veteran star responded, and social media caught fire. After all, the mockery of public figures is butter on Twitter bread, the modern Agora (in antiquity) or, more precisely, the modern people’s court, whose users judge and judge people and things as easily as they light a cigarette.

Verna and Yagos Drakos in “Sparkling” by Nikos Voskolos

Therefore, since the topic is sold and not, few readers eagerly search for blood, sperm and, above all, intrigues in the news as soon as they open their eyes, today proudly presents to you the most famous battles between the heroes of the largest American series that hit Greek television for many years:

1. Hunter Tylo and Katherine Kelly Lang

Since its premiere, “Glamor and Boldness” has become the world’s most-watched TV series, with an audience of around 26.2 million viewers as of 2008. Taylor Hayes and Brooke Logan have had a big competition over the years—in the TV series—for the eyes of the handsome Ridge Forrester. . But it seems that they also had a feud with each other outside of the group. Shortly after the original Ron Moss – first and best – left the series in 2012, the two women engaged in an unpleasant war of words on Twitter.


One fan posted something about Lang, saying Tylo “failed” – maybe she didn’t want to? To prevent her fans from writing rumors and gossip about the beautiful blonde star in “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Lang angrily replied to Tylo, “Why don’t you talk?” Hunter took to Twitter, denied the allegations in her fan post, and asked her ex-partner to refrain from “getting involved in the chaos.” Twitter can be a very dangerous place for enemies or… weak friends!

2. Victoria Roel and Michelle Stafford

Drusilla Winters and Phyllis Summers of Unruly Niata never had a good relationship when they lived in Genoa, the fictional city where the show takes place, and the same seems to be true in real life for the actresses who played them. It was reported that Ruel, in a few interviews after her exit from the series in 2007, claimed that during a fight scene between two heroines of the series, Stafford took their bad relationship to another level when she spat at her rehearsal. the scene!


Stafford has never publicly responded to allegations of a feud, but the good news is that both women have left the show, so you don’t have to worry about any quarrels or fights between them on or off camera in the near future.

3. Kimberlyn Brown and Hunter Taylor.

These two actresses were once best friends. When character Sheila Charter – played by Kimberlyn – moved to Naughty Girls’ Bold and the Beautiful, the two had a great relationship and had a great time on and off set. When did it all collapse?


Their relationship fell apart forever when Hunter obtained a divorce from her husband. During the divorce hearings, Kimberlynn and her husband were called to testify as witnesses to the character and ended up on the side of ex Tylo. Then the end of the credits for this friendship fell and in a bad way.

4. Susan Lucci and Sarah Michelle Gellar

It has been reported in the past that there was a great deal of tension between these two actors on the set of All My Children (AMC), an American soap opera that ran for 22 years until it reached huge ratings. The feud began as soon as Gellar joined the series, which was filmed in a fictional Philadelphia suburb of Pine Valley in 1993. The reasons for their feud are off-screen?


The report says that Lucci was terribly jealous of Gellar, whose stock was skyrocketing due to her involvement in the series, and because Gellar’s mother seemed to interfere in the series – when she didn’t have a role – a lot. The pinnacle of the jealousy cake was the Daytime Emmy that Gellar won in 1995 (Lucci had been nominated 15 times by that time without winning an award.) Gellar only lasted two years on soap operas and went on to successfully pursue a career in TV shows and movies. As for Lucci, she finally won a Daytime Emmy in 1999. Well, it’s all right!

5. Victoria Roel and Eileen Davidson

In a November 2010 interview, Atithasa Niata actress Elaine Davidson was asked about her former co-star Victoria Rowell’s allegations of racism on the show, clearing the air of some of Victoria’s accusations regarding the environment behind the scenes of the series, essentially refuting them. It seems Ruel pulled it off her, and about five years later the two actors got into a fight on Twitter.

in you

Tweeting about the shootings and riots in Charleston, South Carolina, Davidson clearly asked her former Teen Titans Go co-star: “Have you fought racism against the Teen Titans?” Roel also tweeted that followers should not be “led by those who shamelessly care only about ratings and turn a blind eye to other serious issues.” The next thing that happened was that Roel blocked Davidson on Twitter. She then posted a tweet saying that she is banned and that she doesn’t understand why because, according to her, the two had never had any trouble in the past. Then Roel blocked her.

6. Eric Braden and Michael Machney

It seems that the “mustache” in “Atithasa Niata”, that is, the protagonist, Victor Neumann himself, had problems with some people in the series, such as Peter Bergman, who played Jack Abbott. But he’s not the only actor Eric has had problems with as he’s been known to not get along well with his TV son Adam Newman, played by actor Michael Mahney.


Rumor has it that Braden was the reason for Machney’s expulsion in 2013. There was intense talk about what happened, especially after the allegations of sexual assault…Rumor or fact, no one knows, as no one has opened their papers yet.

7. Eric Braden and Peter Bergman

Victor and Jack in Rebellious Nyata have created some incredible brawls and fights – above and below the belt – on screen over the years, but arguably their best fights so far were the ones that happened when the cameras weren’t rolling. taking shots.


While Bryden has been playing the lead since 1980, Bergman (who came from all my kids) started in 1989, the two haven’t been feeling well since the early days. They ended up in a fight between them in 1991, in which punches were thrown. Then the show’s creator, William Bell, threatened them that if they fought that far again, he would pack them up, send them home, and the roles of Victor and Jack would go to other actors right away. The threat was very serious and … a lot of money! Somehow the two managed to maintain a professional relationship ever since.

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