February 6, 2023

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Christina Bomba: the desire to become a mother, IVF and the possibility of having a third child

Christina Pompa was interviewed by Hello magazine and Savva Bitza. Among other things, she talked about her desire to become a mother, IVF, and the possibility of having a third child.

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You communicated the fact that you did IVF, which is a difficult procedure.

It was more urgent than before, when the pregnancy did not come and we did not know why. Months passed and nothing happened. And that was the hard part. With out-of-body we succeeded on the first try. However, when the kids come along, you are so happy and satisfied that you don’t remember anything from the time you tried without success.

Have you considered giving up?

No, I was sure that I wanted to be a mother, I just didn’t know how. But I knew I would. Despite it all, I sometimes told Sakis that this would never happen. However, I understood that I should not stop trying.

Do you want to grow your family?

Extremely! I would like to have another child.

Do you want a girl there too?

Yes, there is a girl too! and sakis girl. We may have fallen in love with our daughters.

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