December 2, 2023

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Christmas gift 2022: When to pay the workers and the unemployed DYPA – OAED

Christmas gift 2022: When to pay the workers and the unemployed DYPA – OAED

Employers must pay a Christmas gift to private sector workers by December 21. At the same time, at the beginning of December, DYPA will pay a Christmas gift to subsidized unemployed and to recipients of Special Maternity Protection Benefit.

In accordance with the current legislation, all employees who work in the private sector on a permanent, fixed-term, full-time or part-time basis of any employer are entitled to a Christmas gift.

To calculate the amount of the gift, the method of rewarding employees is taken into account, that is, whether they receive a daily wage or a salary. The time period during which the Christmas gift is calculated starts from May 1 to December 31 of each year.

Thus, the employees whose working relationship with the employer has continued without interruption during the whole period of time mentioned by us, i.e. from May 1 to December 31 of every year, are entitled to receive the full gift equal to one (1) monthly salary for these. It is paid with 25 days’ salary and wages to workers with daily wages.

However, the above-mentioned employees, whose relationship with the employer has not continued for the entire period of time (from 1/5 to 31/12), are entitled to receive a part of the gift proportional to the duration of their employment relationship.

In this case, the Christmas gift is calculated as follows: 2/25 of the monthly salary or 2 of the daily wage – depending on the method of payment – for every 19 calendar days of work. Even employees who have worked less than 19 days are entitled to a similar portion of the gift.

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Example: An employee who received a Christmas gift of 900 euros (gross salary) with an additional vacation rate should receive 938 euros.

unemployed christmas gift

To be eligible for the Christmas gift, the unemployed person must receive unemployment benefit or have received part-time unemployment benefit from May 1, 2022 onwards. Allowance and Christmas Gift Credits will be offered automatically, by direct deposit into recipients’ bank accounts and there is no reason for recipients to attend OAED’s Employment Enhancement (KPA2) Centers.

Payments appear in bank accounts within 3 business days, after being paid by OAED.

All OAED-registered unemployed persons receiving unemployment benefit are entitled to a Christmas gift. However, the amount of the birthday gift and whether it will be paid in full, i.e. 438 euros, depends on how long they have been unemployed in the current year.

In particular, the amount of the Christmas gift they will receive is equal to the full unemployment benefit, if they receive benefits from May 1 to December 31, i.e. 438 euros.

In the event that they receive a shorter period than the above, they are entitled to financial assistance equal to three daily unemployment benefits for each month of benefit.

Today, the daily unemployment benefit is 17.52 euros and the monthly unemployment benefit is 438 euros.