September 22, 2023

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Close the deal with EPSILON NET

Close the deal with EPSILON NET

Signing memorandums of understanding with Epsilon Net SA (“EPSILON NET”) and its major shareholder, to conclude a strategic cooperation agreement as well as to acquire a minority stake in EPSILON NET, National BankIn the context of implementing the strategy of expanding its operations through partnerships in the field of financial technology.

Among other things, NBG is expected to acquire a minority stake of 7.5% of the total share capital of the IT company owned by the main shareholder, at a price of €7.4 per share, plus the possibility of acquiring the same additional stake of 7.5% three years after the completion of the initial transaction. .

According to the announcement, the MOU with EPSILON NET envisages an exclusive, long-term partnership between EPSILON NET and NGE to jointly design, develop and distribute products and services.

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