November 30, 2023

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“Coach Katergiannakis helped us in the penalty shootout, we will go to the European Championship.”

“Coach Katergiannakis helped us in the penalty shootout, we will go to the European Championship.”

Odysseus Vlachodimos spoke after Greece’s defeat to the Netherlands against Petros Papamakarios and The Show Must Go On, saying that the national team will qualify for the European Championship, while revealing that coach Katergiannakis helped save the penalty kick.

The Greek national team gave their best on Monday night (16/10) at the OPAP Stadium and despite the presence of an excellent goalkeeper, Odysseus Vlachodimos, who saved a Fehorst penalty kick, they were eventually defeated 1-0 by the Netherlands in a European Nations Cup qualifier.

After the final match, the Greek goalkeeper spoke to Petros Papamakarios and made an offer Sport24He added: “The show must go on,” stressing that all the children gave 100%. He also expressed his certainty that the “Blue and White” would qualify for the Euro through the qualifiers.

What he said in detail on the show must go on:

“I’m very proud of the whole team. We fought until the end, we wanted to get a result here, and we believed in it. We all gave 100% on the pitch. In the end we lost, but I want that.” I say thank you very much and well done to the players and fans.”

About what you feel when you hear the entire stadium chanting “Vlashodemos”:Proud, it’s a beautiful moment. “There’s nothing better than having your name chanted at a national match.”

For the next day: “We are looking forward to France. It will be a very nice match for us again. We will see where we are and what we want is to improve in every match and our goal is to reach the Euros.”

What are Greece’s chances of reaching the euro? “I think so. We haven’t discussed the qualifiers yet, because we believed and wanted to make the big step with the Netherlands. We focused on this task and didn’t look any further. We all know we have a second chance.” In March, we will follow up on that.”

Vanis Katergianakis with El-Bagouri with instructions on where the Dutch players will take their penalty kicks

Regarding the penalty kick he saved: “The coach (Vanis Katergianakis) helped me too. I think the penalty is a psychological thing, but what also helped was for Vanis to come with the bottle (the bottle with the instructions on where to take the players) for the penalties. It was like that.” “More feeling and everything we said with Vanes. In the second penalty kick, unfortunately, I did not score correctly.”