December 3, 2022

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Contestants confused Irini Papa with a former game player and “judged” them on Twitter

During today’s evaluation of the photos taken by the contestants GNTM On set, judges compared one aspiring model’s looks to her own Irene Papa.

In particular, Giorgos Karavas told Maria Kostas that she reminds them in appearance of the great actress Irini Papa, who passed away a month ago, leaving a huge void in world culture.

However, upon hearing the name of the late actress, the GNTM contestants seemed surprised because it turned out that they had no idea who Irini Baba was. One contestant even asked who she was, and another replied, “She’s from GNTM 2, right?”

As for the Irini Papa-like Maria Costa, when Vicky Kaya asks her if she knows her, she replies that she… tells her something but she’s not sure, leaving Vicky Kaya speechless.

Of course, Twitter users did not forgive this ignorance of the GNTM girls who naturally “judged” them.

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