March 30, 2023

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Corsair has finally done it: the first power supply with cables sticking out from the side!

Strange as it may sound, until now not a single power supply had its connections on the side, although most cases now have plenty of space for cable management behind the motherboard. So in many cases, especially in smaller boxes, changing hardware wasn’t as easy as it could be, because to add an extra cable to a modular power supply you had to either remove the whole thing or struggle blindly to find the socket.

the pirateSo, she decided to look at power sources with different eyes and just unveiled her new collection rmx converterthe “The world’s first power supply with connectors on the side”. As its name suggests, the new RMx SHIFT is fully modular and has the connectors on its left side. With this change in perspective, cable management becomes much easier, while adding and removing a modular cable takes seconds.

The new RMx Shift series consists of 4 models offering from 750W to 1200W. Of course, they are ATX 3.0 technology and PCIe Gen 5 compatible graphics cards, which means they can work seamlessly with Nvidia’s RTX 4000 GPUs. In terms of consumption, all energy sources are very efficient, certified 80 Plus Gold. It should be noted that there is also a Zero RPM mode that disables the fan for quieter operation, when the system is drawing very little power and its use is not necessary for cooling.

The only thing interested parties need to watch out for is compatibility with their funds. According to Corsair, at least 210mm of clearance is needed to fit the cables without problems.

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Prices for the new RMx Shift power supplies according to the official Corsair website:

  • RM750x Shift – 159.99 euros
  • RM850x Shift – 174.99 euros
  • RM1000x Shift – 219.99 euros
  • RM1200x Shift – 259.99 euros

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