December 5, 2023

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Counter-Strike 2: Destroying the Internet with Rumors – New details from Valve

Counter-Strike 2: Destroying the Internet with Rumors – New details from Valve

As we told you, here are a few days on the Internet “buzz” of rumors and speculation about it Counter Strike 2. In particular, fans are eagerly awaiting an announcement from valve About the future of the beloved competitive game. At the moment it is not yet clear if the alleged Counter-Strike 2 will be an entirely new game or an updated version of CS:GO, but what is certain is that the company is preparing something, since new elements have been discovered.

According to Twitter user Aquarius, Valve recently registered four trademarks related to “Counter-Strike” and “CS2”. The trademarks cover “video game software, computer game software, entertainment services, online video games, online computer games, and tournament hosting.” Their check-in date is March 13, 2023, which coincides with the same day that the source graphics engine code 2 was ported to the pre-release branch of CS:GO.

In case you didn’t know, Source 2 is Valve’s in-house graphics engine used by games like Half-Life: Alyx and Dota 2. Since we’re talking about a more advanced technology, compared to the one currently used by CS:GO, which has been on the market for 11 years. It is expected to bring significant improvements in graphics capabilities, performance, and modification. Many fans have speculated that Valve may be planning a CS:GO port to Source 2 or creating an entirely new Counter-Strike game using the new engine. The trademark filings seem to support these theories, as they show that Valve is definitely preparing for a major announcement regarding Counter-Strike.

Aquarius also tweeted about some CS:GO log changes that indicate Valve may drop support for Windows XP and Vista platforms. This could mean that maybe the company will simply update CS:GO to run on Source 2, without changing its name or content.

For now, Valve has neither confirmed nor denied any of these rumors, which is only natural given their past. The company is known for being secretive about its projects and often surprises its fans with unexpected releases. For example, Half-Life: Alyx was announced just four months before its release in 2020. So it’s possible that Valve will soon reveal more information about Counter-Strike 2 or the Source 2 update for CS:GO, without necessarily having to Prepare the ground in some way.

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