May 19, 2022

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COVID-19: Morocco is still green, but…

COVID-19: Morocco is still green, but...

The coordinator of the National Center for Public Health Emergency Operations, Maad Merabet, confirmed on Monday that the level of transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus remains low in Morocco, despite the clandestine increase in the number of cases this week. Morocco is still at the green level.

Commenting on the epidemiological situation, published on the professional social network Linkedin, Mrabet indicated that the number of weekly cases increased slightly after 8 consecutive weeks of continuous decline. By doing so, he made it clear that 76 additional cases were registered during the past week compared to the week before, while the positivity rate remained generally stable at 1% at the end of the week from 21 to 27/03/2022 compared to 0.84% ​​recorded. During the week from 14 to 20/03/2022.

Regarding Covid-19, Merabet indicated that the number of new cases remained stable during the past two weeks, as 30 patients were admitted to intensive care and intensive care during the week from 21 to 27/03/2022, compared to 34 patients who left the hospital after being infected. Clinical condition improvement.

The official said that the number of weekly deaths recorded in the week of 21-27/3/2022 is the lowest since the week of 15-21/06/2020, adding that it is the lowest number observed during the third phase of the week. The epidemic in Morocco that started the week from 20 to 26/7/2020.

Merabet said that at the global level, it appears that the intensification of the viral cycle observed during the past two weeks, in many Western European countries in particular, is slowing down, noting that this resumption of cases is not accompanied by an increase in deaths. So far, though, an increase in hospitalizations has been observed.

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He also noted that booster-dose coverage is 38% in Europe, with variations between countries (Italy: 64.2%, Denmark: 62.2%, UK: 56.8%, Spain: 52.3%, Sweden: 50.7%…), while in Morocco, vaccination rate for the general population with the third dose is 16.6%.

In conclusion, Mrabet called for vigilance in order to preserve the current epidemiological situation by adopting two basic measures: adherence to barrier procedures, especially wearing masks in gathering places and closed places (administrations, public transport, etc..) and enhanced vaccination of the population at particular risk.