February 5, 2023

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Creed: A dog mourns his four-legged friend and won’t leave him

A touching story between two four-legged friends was captured on video by a volleyball player from Crete. Niki Manolagi.

In the video, one person is seen Puppy Dead – most likely from being hit by a car – and another, standing next to it, refusing to leave it. Both wear chains.

The shocking moment, immortalized on the parallel road of the national highway near Ika on the way from Moyers to Heraklion, rallied animal lovers and non-animal lovers alike.

“Many great people rallied and I thank them. As I was working at 21:00 I had already left the place when they came to help, and after contacting as many people as I could. I’m a doer, not an alarmist. However, at that time to help further I did not dare. From what I saw, a young volunteer attacked the dog, calmed it down and was accepted by the dog breeders. I thank him from the bottom of my heart. And those collected by the municipality and the kennel of Heraklion. Another dog unfortunately already died. I was very impressed by the devotion of his friend. Bigger than animals… Pity the lost dog. The life of chains they spent was so bad. Both were chained…This is what I live for at the moment…”wrote the game on Facebook.

Update: A lot of great people stepped up and I thank them. By the time they arrived I had left the place.

Posted by Niki Manolagi On that day Monday, January 23, 2023

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