December 5, 2023

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Creed: He has been raping his friends sister since he was 5 years old

Creed: He has been raping his friends sister since he was 5 years old

Another terrible case Rape of minors The authorities have their hands full.

Accordingly Creta24, A case file created and completed a few days ago by Defense of Heraklion After reporting one 51 years old For repeated rape and sexual acts with or in front of minors on a regular basis.

The complaint began to be investigated by the police when the 51-year-old reported it to the police last August In the summer of 2012 until summer 2019 A 25 years old from Heraklion, Exploited The friendly relationship she had with her two sonsHe committed sexual acts against the minor daughter without her consent.

When questioned, the boy said that he had been accused of the crime at unspecified times, the report said. He committed sexual acts against her respectively, when they were both at home.

According to the complaint, this is the first time these acts have been committed against a minor In the summer of 2012. When the girl was five years old! The girl went to the house of the accused During his brother’s short absenceThe accused grabbed her, immobilized her and performed indecent acts against her.

Also, he allegedly indulged in unnatural sex and refused to stop even after the child told him to stop. Crying and shouting.

Credible sources report that the child was tested The medical examiner confirmed the complaint from his examination.

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