February 7, 2023

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Crevena: Last “goodbye” to 6-year-old Thomas on Sunday

On Sunday, relatives and friends will say their last “farewell” to him in a deeply sad atmosphere. Little Thomas of Grevena, whose adventure shocked all of Greece. The tragic story began on the afternoon of January 3 when the child had a seizure while at home.

The body of 6-year-old Thomas will be in the Holy Church of Evangelistria from 15:30.

In another touching move, the family wants to collect a sum outside the church (there will be a special box) in lieu of wreaths to buy and donate defibrillators to primary schools in Grevena.

“The greatness of a parent’s soul, their child’s organ donation”

The commander of the 6th Ministry of Health spoke to protothema.gr about the decision of the parents of 6-year-old Thomas to donate their organs. “A 6-year-old boy is brain dead. Donation of the child’s organs is already underway to give life to other children. The parents of the 6-year-old child agreed that this act of thinking of fellow human beings in the most difficult moment shows the greatness of their souls, which gives life to the children of Ibani, today. Big demand”, he says characteristically protothema.gr Mr. Yiannis Karvelis.

“Inhumane attempts were made on the boy from Gravena yesterday at 2am when he arrived at Rio Hospital. As all the doctors did everything, the director of the ICU, Mr. Note that the Iliads were already informed and present. In fact, they all did what was humanly possible and scientifically possible”, added Mr. Karvelis.

The Chronicles

The tragic story began on the afternoon of January 3 when little Thomas was at home with a seizure. An EKAV ambulance took the child to Crevena Hospital, where doctors started intubating him and decided to transfer him to the ICU. Although a bed was sought in Thessaloniki, it was not available, so it was decided to transfer him to a hospital in Rio.

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The next step for doctors there is to continue the process of “cooling” the brain to protect it from possible damage caused by unconsciousness by starting treatment. However, despite the efforts of doctors, 6-year-old Thomas did not succeed and lost the battle for life.

The results of a genetic test conducted by doctors to determine the cause of the 6-year-old boy’s arrest are pending.

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