March 30, 2023

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Criticisms of Panathinaikos players with PAOK

Panathinaikos was … a bogey in Pylaia and was defeated by PAOK, paying in another match for limited solutions due to absences, … two teams in Greece and Europe, but also a lack of solidity that was reflected in lost rebounds.

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statistically Defeat of PAOK at Belaya (81-73) They did not judge anything by substance. In any event, first place and home advantage was an illusion with him Panathinaikos He takes care of his mistakes and is left only in the standings from the premiere, with defeat in his other match in Thessaloniki, against Mars.

After also losing in chef by Olympic It was already two wins away from the top and the derby with them Piraeus Next round in Oka It is only a matter of prestige and dignity, without judging anything else.

However, this in no way justifies the lower intensity of the seriousness with which the “greens” had to deal.Biceps in the north».

But we haven’t seen that from his team Christo Cyrilliswhich caused renewed anxiety in the world of the team, just 24 hours after it returned to the European victories, with a 75-66 finish. red star.

One cold, one hot, again, withtrilobite»To not show his mind or harshness. Properly, once hot… several times cold…

Although he built teams before halftime (31-40), he went into the second half with the smallest possible advantage (38-40) losing +9 for no reason.

Although he quickly made up for the poor performance in the third quarter and reached a draw in the final stage (61-61, 30 minutes), he was hopelessly lagging behind in the final, giving the victory to the home team, which celebrated the first match. once since 2015, while he was defeated again before Footy Takayanowhich prevailed last year as well qualifierswith the Larisa!

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obviously mr Panathinaikos He pushed a lot of missed rebounds with him PAOK Regenerate 12 attacks and get 14 points (for 2) from these second chances.

players Takeano They didn’t get the rebounds because they had some… monster in the paint, but because they were tenacious and strong, which his players didn’t have. Cirelli, according to his coachSix stars».

The “greens” lagged far behind in this area, which gave them a huge advantage with him a star And she had already led them to victory just 24 hours earlier.

At the same time, again, Panathinaikos Push Solutions Ltd. in confrontation with them Thessalonians I was forced to align with… alchemy in “4” as the o was missing williamswhile O is still missing Agrafanes.

On the contrary, he returned baconwhich adapted to his “need”. Greek technician Inside a collective process is required so that the two parties do not come out losers…

In addition, finite solutions are also found at the periphery, with gregones And Thomas That necessarily be outside due to restrictions on foreigners. the Lithuanian by American can compete in euroleaguebut not in Basketball Leagueby Cyrillic To find a formula to field two different teams each game, depending on the competition.

Obviously, in this way, he cannot immediately give some identity to his team, while not knowing stability and since the “greens” are not quite concentrated, there is a risk of damage at all … Gate.

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