February 5, 2023

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Daily forecast for all zodiac signs, 09/12

Read it daily weather forecast from your horoscope, by Yannis Rizopoulos

* You want to have one comprehensive picture today? Also read daily weather forecast for Zodiac sign From Progressive You are.

Aries ♈

Today, impressions “count”, not the essence, so be sure to … win them, because … Read more

Taurus ♉

The saying goes, if you are lucky, and in that very spirit, cross the square of Venus … Read more

Gemini ♊

Since communication aims to gain impressions regardless of whether … Read more

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Cancer ♋

No matter what trivialities will be done, the Venus square brings … riches … Read more


Frivolity and “irresponsibility”, why not? The square of Venus forms … Read more

Virgo ♍

The square of Venus produces more “lightness” than you can … Read more

Libra ♎

The Venus apron was cut and sewn to fit… Read more

Scorpio ♏

A Venus square can greatly improve your finances, but not in… Read more

Sagittarius ♐

Venus square “works” for you with its excesses and … all if … Read more

Capricorn ♑

Even if you don’t have unsubtle luck in high esteem, today… Read more

Aquarius ♒

The square of Venus refers you to … holidays and joys, especially in the context of … Read more

Pisces ♓

Venus square is synonymous with luck, which is not necessarily combined with … Read more

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