December 4, 2022

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DALL-E AI Photo Maker – AI for Everyone

DALL-E is one of the hottest trends of the past few months in the internet world.

Most of the users are just starting to understand what AI can do, and this tool is probably one of the easiest. The only problem with The DALL-E It had something to do with its availability because it needed an invite to use it through OpenAI – and there was even a waiting list. But that is until today!

As announced by OpenAI, the service is now freely available to all. What does this mean; You also have the ability to see for yourself what the machine learning algorithm behind it can do. He was trained on hundreds of millions of images he found online, using the power of artificial intelligence to perceive potential associations between the words a user typed and then compose related images. The result is unique square compositions (1024 x 1024 pixel resolution) that many have been quick to call a new form of art.

An example of DALL-E for creating an “astronaut riding a horse”.

As we mentioned recently, in addition to the above, DALL-E has another function called Outpainting. In this context, the user uploads an image and the AI ​​undertakes to expand its boundaries, creating additional surfaces – something that really has amazing results in both photos and artwork (with the possibility of combining two or more images).

The first version of DALL-E appeared last year in January and caused a stir because it was the first related tool, giving an initial taste of AI capabilities. DALL-E 2 was released in April of this year, but was initially made available for only 200 people, with that number gradually increasing since then. The total number of users recently crossed 1.5 million with 2 million photos created daily.

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