February 6, 2023

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Alfuso- Call “Kari” the cost of the transaction and the difference with Limani! Evangelos Michos reveals the background behind the Argentine’s brilliant move to Trefoil. Why did I start the series 3.5 months ago, the player’s insistence that he not wear red and white if his conditions are not met, the fictitious proposal to avoid … the pressure, the money he and Ares would get, but also how it happened. The number 2 who rejects Piraeus and spoils … a sure transfer.

It seems that the “mantseniada” transfer streak, which lasted about 3.5 months, with constant turmoil and the participation of more than six teams, has seen an unexpected end.

To be precise, he ended up in the team that the player and his agent wanted from the start and that completely satisfied Daniel Mancini’s wishes, i.e. Jovanovic’s Panathinaikos.

For this to happen it was necessary to break the ice of Alafouzou-Karipidis, to follow a specific strategy and above all to get out of the fight. Olympic As happened years ago with the Bakaseta case (which ended up in AEK and while discovering the “red and white” with Panionios)

Therefore, the column reveals the whole tangle of this highly acclaimed story, which in any case fell through from beginning to end and is absolutely confirmed.

1. Jovanovic Mancini and Mancini wanted Panathinaikos since falling almost immediately after Aitor was injured! When the Argentine got one step closer before appealing against Aris Because it made him unpaid and…the whistleblower “The Greens” were waiting for his move to take him as a free agent. However, it was spoiled for them by Karipidis, who, when he took it in stride, not only paid him, but also gave him the next installment. Everything after that…

2. The column then revealed that behind Mancini … S. was hiding Panathinaikos (Although “Alfalfa” later denied this) And … no AEK. In fact, we have exclusively offered to extend this development, after Karipides paid Mancini, so that his most likely destination is January now. Olympic (Which he also wanted in the summer but finally finally Abu Gamra of Aris). This was confirmed by the reports that followed…

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3. On December 17, the column was “reprinted” with a new exclusivity on the Mancini series, against the majority of the media that had submitted it “closed” by Olympiacos. Entitled… “Trouble with Mancini, Don’t Approach Olympiacos – Player’s Decision, Remain Loyal to His Agents, Don’t Go to Port, Be Sold by MarsWe explained in detail why the ace – who already had two other proposals from the outside, better in financial terms – refuses the “Red and White” from the moment when it does not satisfy them financially …

4. It was December 22 when an Olympiacos report, via radio and websites, wanted Mancini down to Piraeus immediately to sign for Olympiacos, making it his second transfer after Rodney. Again the column… He warned: “There is a financial difference between Mancini and Olympiacos and Karipidis cannot overeat his clients and send him to the” reds and whites “as he told them…”. With then revealing the identity of the Russian national team “against” the Greek champions. This is Krylia Samara that was driving Over 1.5 million conversions Expenses on Mars and 800,000 annually to Mancini. Today’s highlight/footnote: Basically that Krylia’s proposal was to “pretend” not to go to Olympiacos and it was a trick on the part of the ace!!

5. TWO TWO DAYS LATER, ON CHRISTMAS DAY, THE COMPLETE COLUMN WAS OFF … AGAINST REPORTS WANTED MANCINI TO SPEND NEW YEARS AT RENTIS. “Mancini did not “chew” to sign for Olympiacos. It was in line with its own terms and not only with those of Karipides and Olympiakos because it does not work … “This exclusive new column was, He certainly mocks the leaks from Piraeus that AEK was behind Mancini’s ‘rejection’. We then made it clear that he would only go to the Red and White if: “The player stops listening to their managers and accepts the existing Karipides-Olympiakou Agreement or the Red and White raise their offer to the player”. Of course neither of them happened. Another confirmation of the column …

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6. The sequel is more or less known … Mancini returned to Aris training and matches, his agents Konstantinos Diamantopoulos and Di Bartolo made proposals to Aris, they also brought the unit (its CEO and sporting director) to Thessaloniki for negotiation ( they also saw the derby with PAOK, the column also appeared once again). the The club’s offer from Dubai was 1,000,000 on a 6-month loan Expenses And another million euros in the summer if the option to buy Mancini is activated by the team coached by Manolo Jimenez. Mars But he rejected it…

7. And we arrive on the 14th of January, when the publications in Spain and Greece mark that mr Mars And Spanish winger Aitor Garcia returned, another “booms” column EXCLUSIVELY: “Mancini sale ban lifted by Aris, deal reached 90% to be completed, he leaves” in the next 10 days!!! To exploded today, January 24, exactly 10 days after we revealed the bomb that Mancini was sold to Panathinaikos!!!!!

8. Some Greek market agents claim that Swedish striker Yeremijev (who went on loan to Levadiakos) was Mancini’s first goal. Meaning that in both cases the same agent, Konstantinos Diamantopoulos, is involved…

9. That is true Panathinaikos In “Mantseniada” he was 100% with him on the player’s side, something throughout his duration Olympic So he pulled out of the case. Mancini has been together since the beginning – he was one-on-one with his agent, Konstantinos Diamantopoulos. After all, the latter, being the technical director of ¨Aris, transferred him / went to Vikelidis …

10. Diamantopoulos, who also worked with Panathinaikos Alafouzo as sporting / technical director (under Ozonidis), really had a stimulating contribution to the “greens” in finding Mancini for the first time. Since the league leaders are quite satisfied with Mancini financially (they offered him an annual salary of close to 750,000 when he was Olympic He didn’t give him more than 500,000 and Aris got 350,000) and the player spoke / was covered by Jovanovic, then it was about … Alafouzou fulfilling Aris’ demands and above all breaking the ice in his relationship with Karipides.

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11. The loss to PAOK and the need to transfer yesterday a player who plays as a starter without the need for adjustment time and conforms to Jovanovic’s style created stormy developments with Mancini in the last 36 hours. Bad Lies, the Argentinean with an Italian passport, who is objectively a good player to play all over the Big 4, was the best possible wing transfer for the “Alfalfa”, right on time.

12. S Panathinaikos He found them in everything with Mancini and with them clients before making his offer to Mars. the last Information wanted this to be €2,200,000 and the only contention was the 20% resale percentage to Bordeaux. We are talking about 440,000, about who will pay for it. But with Mancini pushing to give Panathinaikos and Olympiacos “out of contention”, the deal fell through did It’s only a matter of time…

13. Never say “no”… Finally Alphozos can pay Karypides a big transfer fee and Karypides can talk a deal with Panathinaikos. Details: At Aris, Toumasatos, formerly of Alafouzou in Panathinaikos, was CFO at Aris, when … Diamantopoulos was also there.

14. If Mancini is finally transferred to Panathinaikos, it will be the second time his agent Konstantinos Diamantopoulos has spoiled a “job” for Olympiacos. The first was with Tassos Pakassita, when the “red and white” agreed with Panionios but the international striker with a motivating influence for Diamantopoulos agreed with AEK Melisanidis and despite the pressure he received, he remained loyal and ended up in the federation. !

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