December 4, 2023

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Dbrand releases skins that make your phone look like nothing

Dbrand releases skins that make your phone look like nothing

after, after Months of harassment and excessNothing Phone 1 is finally here. we got Our hands are on the machine This week I decided that it’s mostly just a regular smartphone with a transparent transparent background – would it be cool if you could get that look on a phone you already own?

That’s what hardware maker Dbrand set out to do, and He ended up making… something. It’s a set of skins and cases that match the white and gray geometric pattern of the interior’s Visual Nothing Phone 1, but you can pair it with select iPhones, Pixel and other devices.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max and Pixel 6 Pro show the insides like nothing.
Photo: Dbrand

Dbrand CEO Adam Ijaz said the main appeal of the Nothing phone is its aesthetics and he believes no one wants to cover it up with a case or leather. “If we can’t cover the phone, how can we benefit from nothing?” Ijaz said via email. Dbrand’s belief is that there won’t be many bare phones out there in the wild and that the brand is “untested” and “overrated”, but people do care about looks.

There is text printed on the small corner of this enlarged image of the poster.  The model reads: 6PRO, Something Technology Limited, 34.47972001011N 113.353001040W, US.  There is no non-trash icon and CE icon on what looks like a white ribbon cable.

There’s also an Easter egg in the form of GPS coordinates printed on the back of the Something: 34.47972001011N 113.353001040W
Photo: Dbrand

line something Available now in a limited capacityIts initial run will include versions for the iPhone 13 Pro Max, Pixel 6 Pro and Samsung S22 Ultra. You can get it as a leather for $24.95 or a grip bag for $49.90. There are plans to release a Nintendo Switch version as well, and additional hardware will come on demand.

Dbrand is known for its satirical and satirical marketing that mocks tech companies. So it happened last year A cease and desist letter from Sony To release PS5 side panel alternatives next Dbrand urged them to On the product page with the message, “Sue us.” Dbrand later redesigned the boards to avoid looking similar to the official boards, and now the product page titles: “Checkmate, Lawyers.” It remains to be seen if nothing will sue Dbrand for something.

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