February 7, 2023

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Dead Island 2 finally shows a new gameplay after eight years

Dead Island 2 finally shows a new gameplay after eight years

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Eight years later, dead island 2 He returned triumphantly to Gamescom. The trapped Zombie RPG featured a cool new CGI trailer and a reel full of zombie-smashing characters like Gallagher going to town on a platform of rotting watermelons. It will be released on February 3, 2023, about a year later The great gruesome zombie RPG of 2022. are you ready?

dead island 2View the latest trailer for Jacob, one of six playable zombie killers. According to the game developers, these characters are “larger than life” with “unique” dialogue that showcases the game’s “gentle” and “irreverent” tone. It also features a co-op campaign, larger map, and a more complex dismemberment system than its predecessors. But if you asked me to find out what separates the Cursed Project from other zombie games outside of its sunny Venice Beach show, I wouldn’t have a clue.

I have no idea if dead island 2 Anything would be fine, and at this point it almost feels beside the point. It has transcended sub-genre details to become a pure video game industry scene, such as Duke Nukem Forever And a handful of other projects that were born in an era and worked their way through years from one development hell to another.

The game was notoriously revealed Back at E3 2014 With a CGI trailer that shows a man running unconscious while everyone behind him is eaten alive by zombies. This is followed by a brief presentation of the gameplay At Gamescom that summer Which basically showed off what we saw today, albeit with a less beautiful look. Then the game disappeared. The original reveal trailer has been viewed on YouTube more than 24 million times. The top comment with more than 50,000 likes reads: “I was 12 years old when this trailer came out. I am 43 years old now.” That was three years ago.

the first death island in 2011 Made by Techland. The Polish studio was supposed to do the sequel but it ended up making the zombie parkour game dying light While that. Then Yager Development got involved. In 2015, publisher Deep Silver dropped a file Special Operations: The Line studio due to conflicting visions, and recruited Sumo Digital in the UK. This didn’t work either. By 2019, parent company THQ Nordic (now one of many Embracer fronts) announced that Dambuster Studios will finish the game at one of Deep Silver’s in-house studios while it builds a new alpha. The leak started online.

And here we are. death light 2 It was released in February and it was… fine. whether dead island 2 Better, worse, or just another fat hack festival, it’s sure to be remembered because that game they refused to let die.

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