December 3, 2022

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Denmark: The hole in Nord Stream 2 is really big

The Danish Energy Authority notes that there has been a significant leak.

big leak natural gas Observed from the damaged pipeline Nord Stream 2 In the Baltic Sea, where there is a “really big hole”, according to the Danish Energy Authority (DEA).

The head of the authority said that the gas leak will continue for several days, and perhaps a week.

He adds that the large amount of bubbles on the surface indicates that the hole in the tube is too large.

Watch videos from the Baltic Sea

The Danish Maritime Authority has issued a shipping alert and warns ships not to sail within five nautical miles of spills, because they could lose buoyancy and there could be a risk of ignition above water, the DEA said.

Nord Stream 1 was also damaged. Both pipelines built by Russia were at the center of an energy dispute between Russia and Europe.

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