February 6, 2023

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Dimitra Pappadema explodes: “I can’t say anything good about this guy, he doesn’t take me or Giannis to play”

“You’re not a good person, Christian. Apparently,” Dimitra Pappadema said.

the Dimitra Papadima He was hosted on the show Two in 1 with Zoi Kronakis and Dimitris Giagtzoglou. The actress spoke, among other things, about the bad words of her profession, expressing her dissatisfaction with some of the situations that she and her husband, Yanis Bostanzoglu, witnessed.

“Yannis is frustrated with space… We don’t speak the same language with most people in space. People of our time are complex. They don’t understand that everything is a sham. Mercy children! You wouldn’t show up. You don’t have to play 500 of the same roles to prove You are a good person. You are not a good person, Christian. It seems. You have become a good actor because you have acted for many years and you have the experience. Now they have “said Dimitra Pappadema forcefully.

“If you don’t participate… it’s fatalistic. Or when you appear on TV and as Giorgos Kimoulis told me, you’re naive Dimitra. I’ve prepared this project and suddenly I hear from another person who has the means, the francs, he takes them from everywhere and raises them… This shows Malice. I can’t call him a good person. Forgive me and he doesn’t take me or Giannis to play. I live off of that business.”

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