December 7, 2022

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Diplomatic episode in Dentia’s visit to Libya

His visit turned into a diplomatic episode Foreign Minister At Nikos Tendias Libya.

It all started with the plane carrying him Nicos Dentias In Libya he landed in Tripoli so the foreign minister could meet with the head of the Libyan Presidential Council, Mohamed Menfi.

Initially, Mr. Tripoli was not on Dentia’s itinerary. However, prior to the visit, Mr. Sources in the Ministry of External Affairs said that Menfi also requested the minister to travel to Tripoli to meet with him. The condition imposed on the visit to Tripoli was that Mr. Tendias, Mr. It was announced on public television that only Menfi should be met.

But when he arrived at Tripoli airport, he was told he would be met by Nayla Mangous, the foreign minister of Libya’s interim government, which had signed an unrecognized agreement with Turkey on illegal grounds. Turkish-Libyan “Note” 2019 and it was condemned by the international community.

Athens’ position, echoed by Egypt, is that the Tripoli government’s term has expired and it lacks the legitimacy to sign international agreements binding the country’s future. The Tripoli government is provisional with the aim of leading the country to elections.

Minutes after the government plane landed in Tripoli, when the foreign minister was informed of his presence at the airport, he asked him not to disembark and leave immediately for Benghazi. In a related statement from the Greek Foreign Ministry, it was asserted that the Libyan Foreign Ministry violated the agreement on non-meeting with the Libyan Foreign Ministry.

Earlier, according to ERT reporter, Mr. Tendias spoke to government officials, insisting that agreed terms were not being followed, and it was decided to cancel the trip to Tripoli and proceed to his next stop, Benghazi.

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Sources in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spoke of “false drama”, while Libyan officials thought the sudden move could threaten the situation.

Notification of the Ministry of External Affairs

Libyan Foreign Minister Nicos Dentias’ trip to Tripoli to meet President Menfi has been cancelled. breach of contract It was about not meeting the Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The leg of the visit to eastern Libya continues as usual.

Visit to eastern Libya continues

The Greek minister responded immediately and decisively to Tripoli’s threat He is now continuing his travel schedule as usual In eastern Libya. He has also published a related post on Twitter.

The Libyan Foreign Ministry threatens retaliation

with Diplomatic “Retaliation” The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tripoli threatens our country as provocatively as the Greek Foreign Minister.

In a statement, the Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tripoli launched an unacceptable attack on Nicos Dentias, saying in characteristic and provocative fashion: “Libya’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation disapproves of this behavior and will take appropriate diplomatic measures. It protects the dignity and sovereignty of Libya.

Turkish-Libyan “Note”

In 2019, an illegal Turkish-Libyan “Memorandum” was signed between Turkey and Libya and condemned by the international community. It concerns the delimitation of maritime jurisdictional areas in the Mediterranean Sea.

Recently, Ankara tried to implement the illegal Turkish-Libyan memorandum on the exploitation of hydrocarbons in the Mediterranean Sea, the Greek side responded that Greece has sovereign rights in the region, which it wants to protect by all legal means. “This so-called memorandum is based on an earlier “memorandum” that violated not only basic international law but also basic principles of geography.” The Greek Foreign Minister had said at the time.

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