December 2, 2023

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Doi showed why he got the starting shirt

Doi showed why he got the starting shirt

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A sound in the match between Olympiacos and Lamia
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Olympiacos won 2-0 over Lamia “cleaning up” the match from the first half. Among the heroes of the game is Andreas Richard Doe, who proved why Mitchell trusted him.

The Olympic Taking Victory over Lamia In her tenth game Premier League With a score of 2-0. Red and white took the necessary step, ahead of the Levoros derby against Panathinaikos Next Sunday (6/11, 19:30).

The match was “cleaned” by Piraeus from the first half as James Rodriguez opened the score in the 22nd minute and then Cedric Bakabo in the 28th minute set up the score.

It was one of the highlights of the match Do. The 19-year-old red and white defender won Mitchell’s full confidence and played his third game in a row as a rookie. Indeed, after the match against OFI in Crete, he was only on the bench against PAOK.

Doi responded to the Spanish coach’s confidence in the best way and proved it in 2-0. The 19-year-old who had a superb ball past the visitors’ defense found Pakapo, who sent the ball into the net. You can see the help doi in blue on the chart below OPTA / performance statistics.

Doi's actions and statistics in the Olympiacos and Lamia match

Doi’s actions and statistics in the Olympiacos and Lamia match

In addition to helping out, Doi has generally done a very good job in the creative field. He contributed most to the development of Olympiacos from the right side and was first in the transfers of the game.

Specifically, he had 58 successful of the total 68 passes From. I mean, he had 85.3% Merit, worth noting how to 64.7% Among his transfers were strikers. Evidence that he promoted the game red and white.

At the same time, he was one of the most active footballers between red and white on the field, as he did 73 movement with the ball.

The 19-year-old defender wore his home shirt, and Mitchell showed complete confidence in him and Doi was keen to do him justice.

Watch the game of the night:

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