September 22, 2023

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Dorsey is going to Olympiacos.

Dorsey is going to Olympiacos.

its transmission series Tyler Dorsey He’s been forever “hot” since he was officially released by the Mavericks, with most Euroleague teams lined up to sign him.

One of them is Olympicwho, according to reports abroad, has contacts with the player and wants to be his own, while Fenerbahçe and Monaco, in turn, made official proposals.

Scenarios about Dorsey give and take, While apart from these three the partisans are also interested and Virtus Bologna, but Olympiacos says the first word. Even Lithuanian analyst Augustas Suliauskas took a stance regarding the team that the incoming goalkeeper would continue his career and it was clear.

Soliuskas emphasized that the most logical answer is Olympiacos, simply because he was there last year too, but also because he wants him so much, while at the same time he recently lost some matches he shouldn’t have. Even the co-presenter of Donatas Urbonas also referred to Isaiah Kanan’s condition and supported his opinion that he is likely to become a resident of Piraeus again in the coming days.

What the Lithuanian analyst said in detail:

“The most logical answer as to where Dorsey will go is Olympiacos. I don’t need to explain why. It makes sense to go there, and that’s what I see happening after all, when I see the situation with Canaan,” said co-host Donatas Orbonas.

“Olympiacos is starting to lose matches. The successes at the beginning of the year are due to the fact that there is continuity from last year’s team. Now that other teams are starting to build as well, they are losing matches. For Olympiacos to become the main contender for the title, they have to give everything.” Dorsey.”

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