March 29, 2023

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Dovryoglou takes a break from basketball after the loss of his relatives in the devastating earthquake devastated him

The earthquake in Turkey

Ahmet Dovrioglu

Bursaspor – by mutual consent – announced the termination of its cooperation with Ahmet Doveroglu. The former European champions with Fenerbahçe announced that he will be out for a while to deal with his feelings after the loss of his relatives in the recent devastating earthquake.

Turkey is still reeling from the deadly February earthquakes, and Ahmet Davriyoglu, like many athletes in the neighboring country, is trying to manage his emotions from losing loved ones. The 29-year-old and former European champion with Fenerbahçe (EuroiLeague 2017) has reached an agreement with Bursapor, in order to terminate his contract by mutual consent.

As he himself explained in his emotional letter, he needs a break from sporting activities to cope with trauma and pain, from the deaths of his grandmother and cousin, to the deadly earthquakes. “Nice to meet all of you. Due to the situation I am facing outside of me, I need to take a break from basketball for a while and find myself again. Love you all, I wish you all the best for the rest of the season and may our paths meet again in the future.” Doverioglou’s farewell words were, while Bursaspor made a touching post on Twitter.

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