May 30, 2023

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Download this game completely for free before it gets paid

the steam It continues to offer free games to its users and this time you will be able to get turn-based strategy title for free. However, you will have to hurry, as it is known that the payment will be made within a few days.

The game is called Violations will be punished And it was released by developer Igor Galochkin, who promises to take you on a journey through space with a special story.

This game makes fun of authoritarian regimes, consumerism and centrismThis is the commentary on violations that will be punished, as its story takes place in the solar system on the 23rdu a century. So you start out as a cog in a corporation, searching for meaning and eventually becoming the mastermind of humanity.

Your existence has no meaning. If you don’t act right, you go for recycling. The other factions then neglect and betray them to become the “brain” of the world.

Since it is a purely strategy game, you will be able to collect minerals and build army units, while at the same time it is huge and long since you reach 100 missions with 8 different campaigns.

Download violations will be penalized Click here.

The game is now free from 1the It may be paid and will cost around 5 EUR.

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