February 8, 2023

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During the day, basic settlement, greening, and fertilizer balances are paid and balance sheets are prepared

By late Tuesday evening, the last hurdles to sign the relevant orders had been dealt with and had already made their way to the Piraeus Bank, in order to complete all credits in the accounts of the beneficiaries by late Wednesday afternoon.

Information also wants the data processing to have progressed considerably, so that by Friday, that is, before Christmas, 256 million euros of equivalent aid for mountainous and disadvantaged regions will finally be approved, something they are eagerly awaiting especially breeders.

Earlier, Agronews wrote:

Tuesday is a wet day, and Wednesday morning is finally fertilizer, except unexpectedly until the afternoon and check

The farmers who are entitled to help waited in vain in the cold again, as … the situation of the employees, whether it is the sleds of the State General Accounting Bureau or the well-known “semi-government” from OPEKEPE, they finally had a different opinion.

the Fertilizers They stayed Unpaid Tuesday evening, because officials at the State General Accounts Office did not care to pass the order for transmit the opposite amount (about 60 million euros) to be responsible for payments financial principle. commitment To them, the matter would be settled early morning she has Wednesday December 21st.

in a safe trip It seems to be in the past hours and theme CheckAs reported early Tuesday, verifications of liquidation amounts for essential aid have been completed and some final verifications of amounts related to the so-called greening are still underway. In a way, the issue of the contract for the implementation of the payments business has also been resolved by the information society.

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Again, however, it is shown that each impulse is eventually accompanied by continuous impulses behind the scenes ProcessesWhich may be difficult for the Minister of Rural Development and the President of OPEKEPE to refute its findings. It is certain that the famousOSDE strainHe did not stop fighting for her rematchIt is an issue that must be addressed once and for all by the higher levels of government, who are nonetheless aware of what is going on, as well as the political cost involved in this conspiracy.

Earlier, Agronews wrote:

Fertilizer payments start on Tuesday afternoon, through on Wednesday the check is credited

With the fertilizer boost, the new cycle of payments from OPEKEPE finally started on Tuesday afternoon, with the primary liquidation and so-called greening finally postponed to Wednesday noon.

the the sound Payments and the necessity of being strict controlonce again forced OPEKEPE to redefine it prioritiesgive precedence to the credit amount 60 million euros Roughly that related to the private support of farmers through the main occupation of the purchase Fertilizers.

As Officially Announced, based on orders placed and reflecting fertilizer purchase invoices cut last year (October 2021 – September 2022) reinforcement calculated in 11% she has expenses which was made by farmers.

regarding Checkfrom OPEKEPE It is clear In the last hours that there is no problem outside the strict control of the credits to be made and that beneficiaries One help farmers We see in their accounts how many corresponding to them Early Wednesday afternoonWhenever funds become available ATM machines she has Piraeus Bank.

Earlier, Agronews wrote:

The Tuesday afternoon payment target is in effect, shortly after the premium feed platform opens

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OPEKEPE’s “strike force” has focused over the past 24 hours on pushing the remaining base support and greening, the last big push of the year, through Tuesday evening, December 20th. The whole process seems easier after the “mountain” of agro-ecological measures that the organization’s executives climbed and the “minefield” that the whole process went through.
The latest information you want Final payment order she has one help to be signed by the noon she has Tuesday and go to execute Piraeus Bank Until the afternoon. Of course, the possibility that a mistake will occur again along the way and postpone the whole process for the next 24 hours is not excluded.

By the time these lines were written, he had written success the controls On the rest of the basic support and there was one last test remaining on greening related items. It should be noted that capital stock approach 300 million euroswhile the greening calculated in 420 million euros About.

In addition to completing the audit, the project assignment contract must also be signed within the day by the commissioner of the Audit Bureau, which is a prerequisite for the official recognition of the entire payment process. Information wants this signature to be at the disposal of the relevant authorities immediately, after consultations that took place at the initiative of the Minister of Rural Development, Giorgos Georgantas.

the t workloadu Good In connection with the repayment of individual payment obligations, They are late her job program Submission of aid applications feed market By breeders, although the Ministry announced that the aforementioned application will be open from the morning of Monday, December 19th.

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The latest update indicates that the aforementioned app will open Immediately after instant payments are completed And anyway before the Christmas holidays.