May 30, 2023

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Dutch journalist denies anti-Russian propaganda in Ukraine

In a detailed report in the Ukrainian field, the spokesman noted the large-scale manipulations and lies about Russian troops in a statement issued by the Secret Action Press.

The witness pointed out in his experience that the Russians had been liberated and visited several places in the southern Ukrainian city of Heinz, near the Sea of ​​Azov.

A spokesman for Patrick Lancaster, a senior Russian-speaking U.S. Navy officer, said the spokesman’s report confirms that news reports about the eight-year war in Donbass are being respected by investigative journalists.

Last week I enlisted in the Russian army and went to two cities in southeastern Ukraine. The first city was called Heinesk, a port city on the Sea of ​​Azov, in the Kerson region (province) of southern Ukraine, on the border with Crimea, he said.

The Russian army, which was patrolling the city, came with us – the embedded journalists – to protect us. But security is not really necessary; The people of Heinesk, most of them, I spoke to, said they were very happy that the Russian army was there.

All the people I spoke to said the same thing: with the Nazi ideology that had ravaged the cities they felt protected from criminal gangs. In turn, they expected Ukraine to prosper again, he explained.

According to many Henichesk citizens, Ukraine’s economy has deteriorated since the 2014 coup. Shortage of food items in the market. The Russian military provides humanitarian assistance in all cities and towns liberated from these criminal gangs. He noted that many Ukrainians call them that.

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Many Heinzesk residents told me that when the Russians entered their village, they left everything untouched. I have heard this many times. No damage, no death, no injury. Most people are happy that the Russians were there.

Reality against fiction

The Western propaganda says that the Russian army is besieging cities and that people are starving. From what I noticed, Van den Ende said, the latter is not true what I visited, either in Heinez or the next city, Melidopol.

Western nations are not interested in its (Ukrainian) economy and population because the Ukrainians have many similarities with their “sister” nations Russia and Belarus and are naturally aligned with them. They share the same culture, the same language and the history of Nazi occupation during World War II.

He stressed that Western nations are only interested in the benefits of their own economies, and that the Ukrainian people are a soldier in a major geopolitical game, which could be catastrophic for all mankind.

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