December 2, 2023

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Egypt: A major archaeological discovery raises hopes that Cleopatra’s tomb will be lost

Egypt: A major archaeological discovery raises hopes that Cleopatra’s tomb will be lost

A rock-cut tunnel has been discovered in Egypt and hailed as an “engineering wonder” a team of scientists believe could lead to the loss of Queen Cleopatra’s tomb.

Was Cleopatra’s tomb found? Archaeologists working on a site in Egypt believe they found – through a tunnel – the way to the tomb of Egypt’s last pharaoh and companion of Roman general Mark Antony.

These theories suggest that Cleopatra was buried under the ancient temple of Taposiris Magna in Egypt, near the ancient capital of Alexandria. The tunnel is carved through layers of rock and extends for more than 4,800 feet and is six feet high.

Archaeologist Kathleen Martinez of San Domingo University has been convinced for more than a decade that the last Egyptian pharaoh Cleopatra and her lover Mark Antony “rested” inside the temple while certain the tunnel could be the way to her discovery.

The temple of Taposiris Magna, whose name means “Tomb of Osiris the Great”, is located near the city of Alexandria, which was once the capital of the country.

Martinez said there is a strong possibility that the queen is buried there, and if she is, finding the remains of Egypt’s last pharaoh would be “the most important discovery of the 21st century,” according to her online post. daily Mail.

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Teams of archaeologists in the area found a part of the tunnel that was submerged under the Mediterranean Sea. Archaeologist Kathleen Martinez has also discovered many important artifacts inside the temple, including coins bearing the images and names of Queen Cleopatra and Alexander the Great, and several towed statues, as well as statues of the goddess Isis.