June 3, 2023

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Election 2023 / Political humiliation of Shiretsu live from Tsapanedu (VIDEO)

The representative of the government irreparably exposed himself by presenting a document, allegedly, the report of the State Accountant General

in political humiliation to akis skirtso He ended the confrontation with him Bobby Tsapanedo At the SKAI studio, where the government representative believes there will be no answer to DARE TO TALK LIES ABOUT THE COST OF THE SYRIZA-PS PROGRAM To increase income and exempt families from punctuality.

The confrontation began on his occasion George Catrogalos And Bobby Tsapanedo’s note is that she voiced it his personal opinionwhich is not a SYRIZA program and is marked by its location A “disastrous political mistake”.

Then Akis Skirtsos jumped up and replied: “It is in the daemon that will finance the spending that you say you will doMeanwhile Popi Tsapanidou asked where SYRIZA-PS would find the €83 billion cost of its programme.

Thus began the political humiliation of the representative of Mitsotakis’ government.

Bobby Tsapanedo He asked him about the state accountant’s paper He replied that he had it and handed it over to her three excel sheets, no stamps without any sign of it being an official document. And how can it be an official document, since the State General Accounting Office has refuted the lies of the Mitsotakis government that it has commissioned the SYRIZA-PS change contract.

“Is this coupon paper? Three unsealed Excel sheets, printed from your home computer? Where are the seals?” Bobby Tsapandou told him with Akis Shertsos, “Leave the seals.”

Watch the Waterloo scherzo in the video below.

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