March 30, 2023

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Electricity: subsidies and tariffs for the month of March

At 0.04 euros per kilowatt-hour financial support to Electricity Bills March by “lowering” service providers’ fees from before 40 euros per MWh for domestic consumption and farmers.

specifically with 40 € / MWhMore than 90% of families in the country will be subsidized, with the same amount, 40 € / MWhFarmers will also be supported. click here for detailed support amounts.

In general, the value of his support Present For families and farmers in March up to 58,5 million euros formation final fee on consumer accounts.

How are supplier prices determined?

ppc: The fee is set at 19.5 euro cents per kWh, for the first consumption meter (up to 500 kWh per month). At 20.7 cents per kilowatt-hour, consumption over 500 kWh is charged. At 15.4 cents/kWh for the night stream.

  • After the subsidy, the tariff was set at 15.5 cents/kWh.

Elpedison: In a program “consistency A cost of 20.27 cents/kWh (after discount) is forecast for March. At 14.5 cents/kWh it’s Elpedison Economy, with no consistency clauses and no flat rate. While the household electricity tariff ranges between 23 cents per kilowatt hour.

  • After the subsidy, the tariffs are 16.27 cents/kWh, 10.5 cents/kWh, and 0.19 euros/kWh, respectively.

HeronProtect: 24.6 minutes per kWh, up from 24.9 in February.

  • After the subsidy, the tariff was set at 20.6 cents/kWh.

Zeniy: charge is set at 0.194 euro cents per kWh up to 270 kWh.

  • After the subsidy, the tariff was set at 15.4 cents/kWh.

Watts & He was: A fee of 0.245 cents per kWh will apply, in the zero plan.

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  • After the subsidy, the tariff was set at 20.7 cents/kWh.

Attica gasCost: 24.7 cents per kilowatt-hour without consistency discount (from 25.1) and 18.5 cents with discount (from 18.8) on natural gas for individuals, for the month of March.

  • After the subsidy, the tariff was set at 20.7 cents/kWh, without the consistency discount.

NRG: The March charge is 19.9 cents per kilowatt-hour without consistency deduction (up from 22.5 cents per kilowatt-hour in February).

  • After the subsidy, the tariff was set at 15.7 cents/kWh.

ProtergiaA fee of 24.8 euro cents per kWh, regardless of consumption, was announced, with a subsequent discount of 18.8 euro cents per kWh, keeping the fee unchanged, compared to February.

  • After the subsidy, the tariff was set at 20.8 cents/kWh.

Volterra: The price will be in effect at 21.4 euro cents per kWh at a fixed price of 4.5 euro.

  • After the subsidy, the tariff was set at 17.4 cents/kWh.

Fulton: It announced a price of 18.9 euro cents/kWh with a flat discount for household tariffs, while a price of 19.9 euro cents/kWh without consistency discount.

  • After the subsidy, the tariff was set at 14.9 cents/kWh.

Price comparison tool

The ability to compare prices between the bills offered electricity The application is submitted online «energy it costs» Energy Regulatory Authority (RAE). In this way, consumers can search, compare and see the applicable prices in the market and find the cheapest electricity supplier For home or commercial use.

See the Price Comparison Tool here Energy Regulatory Authority (RAE).