June 3, 2023

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Elena Asimakopoulou: When I broke up with Bruno Cirilos, I had no job and no money

a Grigoris Arnatoglu welcomed b “2 Night View” Tuesday (9/5) Elena Ismakopoulou. The beautiful actress spoke about the years she stayed out of the limelight, the role motherhood had played in her life, the divorce about a year ago from former soccer player Bruno Cirillo, their 13-year-old daughter, the financial difficulties she faced and the act of “fighting”, to get back in TV again.

yShe praised her first “steps” on the beauty pageant show “Star Hellas” as well as her pregnancy when she participated in the series “Dreamcatcher”..

Looking back, the actress said of how she landed her first TV role: “In 2006 I came out of the ANT1 beauty pageant and I was then with Olympia Hobsonido. I was Miss Greece understudy. I was 19 years old. I also worked at ANT1 Breakfast. I went done Audition by Vasilis Thomopoulos for the mega series “A Month and a Thing” And that’s how it started,” she said of her first job as an actress.

Regarding the period of her abstinence from television events, she confirmed: “I tried for many years to get back to my job, I wanted it so much. I was abroad for 6 years. The first 4 I was very devoted to the little girl and after that I had questions of my own. There was a period when I turned down jobs. When I was playing Dream Trap I got pregnant and decided to stop. At that time we lived in Thessaloniki, so it was difficult. When you stop, for the first few years… Yes, they remember you, but little by little, as you move away, the system forgets you. Then the phone calls started, but the others didn’t want to.

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Elena Asimakopoulou also spoke about her breakup with Bruno Tsirilo and how their daughter took him in. My daughter is now 13 years old and in high school. Adolescence is a difficult time. We’re on good terms, but you see the tensions and the outbursts. She has an artistic streak, she dances well, and now she also has competitions and she loves to sing a lot as well. He doesn’t tell me anything about acting. She is also a good student. I brag a lot and she did it all herselfThe actress initially said about her experience with the breakup, she said:

“I broke up with Bruno Cirillo a year ago, when the kid was 12. With a lot of discussion going on and with advice from a child psychologist to see him too, it went well. At first things were a little strange, but I talked to her a lot. Mariah has such maturity that if you saw her you would say she is not even 13 years old. the actress admitted.

«When I made the decision to divorce, it didn’t mean that I had solved my life’s problems, that I had no job, no finances, that I had nothing on the side.. A few years later, I started getting calls saying I was down here. I ate a lot of rejection! I was on the phone with those I worked with, and they told me they would think of me. And I waited! Then I started sending resumes to productions and channels. This year, at the most difficult moment of my life, Alcistis Maragoudaki responded immediately and gave me a place in the “Wild Land” With much love and found a foothold. Every end of the season I would call him out and be embarrassed anymore. I go with the cross in my hand and send messages. I now hope that all this will continue, ”added Elena Asmakopoulou.

The actress was also asked about the depression that her ex-husband went through, which affected their relationship enough to lead to their divorce, as well as about his communication with their daughter.

«He lives permanently in Italy, coming a few days a month to see her. It’s hard to look forward to seeing it. “They communicate frequently every day and through face-to-face time and he’s used to that now,” he said.

Finally, to her The depression that her ex-husband went through, as he himself revealed through his post on social media Underline: “It has been many years since Bruno has been illI saw it and realized it too. I made a lot of attempts to help him. Sometimes he wanted to help and sometimes he didn’t. it was hard. It affected me a lot. I think all athletes should prepare for the end of their careers. It’s a big shock. I told him he had to look at it differently or find something else to occupy himself with. They never accept it” I finish.