June 2, 2023

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Eleonora Mileti: “Married, Very Nice, and Simbag”

Eleonora Mileti referred to the behavior of people in space, describing it as “slimy” and “slimy”.

On the occasion of the discussion that opened on the air of the program “MEGA Kalimera” about flirtation, Eleonora Mileti referred to the behavior of the people in the field, calling it “stupid”.

‘Because there’s a man walking around our yard… There’s a man walking around our yard who’s married and very nice. It’s his wife in the corner and she comes and compliments you.’

“Why would he be so stupid?”

You fall! When I talk to you about falling and falling. I turn around and say, “God, why don’t you know this girl? And why does he have to be such a fool?” Eleonora Mileti pointed out.

To Costas Tsoro’s constant questions as to whether or not this was a fellow, Eleonora Mileti contented himself with “In our yard, I said in the yard”.

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“I searched for a mobile phone”

With famous women answering questions about their privates, Eleonora Mileti revealed that she also searched her partner’s cell phone.

“Because everyone was looking for a cell phone, I joined the operation. Since everyone else has done it, let me do it and see how it is. Not because I was jealous,” Eleonora Mileti joked.

The debate raged over the “flick” of the mobile phone. Eleonora Mileti indicated that she was no longer involved in the process.

“Because I think in order to leave it that way, which is also a trap, he seems to have nothing to hide,” he noted.

In the event that her husband was a prolific man who flirted with her friends, Eleonora Mileti indicated that she would like to know. He continued, “If that’s the thing, I’d like to know.”

“A man doesn’t deserve to be with someone who exposes him like that. Drop it on your best friend. Would you tell me if you didn’t know her is that better? No, but that’s what I think fails. There’s no flirtation in a close friend,” the presenter added.

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